Damask Curtains & Paisley Drapes

Whether you wish to invoke old-world Victorian glamour in a traditional setting or introduce a character-loaded motif to a modern eclectic space, trust our damask and paisley curtains & window drapes to do the job! 

Not just for their beautifully ornate detailing, but also for their celebrated history, cultural connotations, these iconic motifs continue to be a surefire way to bring timeless appeal to any home. 

Damask and paisley carry the mandate of ornate detailing and eclecticism in classical and transitional spaces. But, by no means under the monopoly of classical themes anymore, their streamlined versions are found fitting for modern svelte designs as well. 

So, no matter what your style, you can integrate these timeless motifs into your spaces. If that’s your vision, take note of these five factors to be considered when selecting damask/paisley drapery so that they dress your space and voice your decor style most befittingly.

Soft, Neutral Or Vibrant - Make the Call On Palette

Curtains are one of the best means to relay the aesthetic vision of your home as they often take up a substantial amount of vertical space. So, allow your damask/paisley drapes to tell the colour story of your home.

If your decor is minimalistic in colour, go for a damask/ paisley drapery with a neutral scheme such as our 'Ravenna' curtains which are a modern adaptation of paisley. On the contrary, if your decor is vibrant, drapery in a fabric like 'Alpana' will light up the space with its cheery hues. If your home is a harmonious blend of saturated colours and quiet neutrals, consider fabrics like 'Tranquil Sea' that ring in that delicate balance.

Pay attention to the finer details of the palette and the fabric too. If you want curtains with a regal appeal, go for damask/paisley drapes with glamorous hues, deep contrasts and shiny accents. The viscose-blend jacquard 'Ryder' with gold accents on deep blue is one such impressive drapery. 

Whereas, if you want to take an informal path, go for neutral/ pastel hues, subtle contrasts and textured finishes. A cotton-blend with non-saturated colours like 'Canary' or tone-on-tone neutrals like 'Rising Tide' immediately speaks of casual elegance fitting for modern aesthetics.

Small, Medium or Grand - Gauge the Correct Scale

No matter which way you go - small-scale or grand-size motif - damask and paisley are stars in their own right. So, how do you decide on the scale of the pattern?

The first consideration goes to the room's scale and the size of the window. A large space calls for motifs relevant to that grandeur, so amp up the scale with a curtain like 'Tea Parlour'. Smaller rooms and smaller windows look stuffy with oversized motifs; so go for small or medium-sized motifs such as in the paisley-inspired 'Nantes'.

In addition, consider the visual weightage you want the damask/ paisley curtains to enjoy in the space. When the intention is to make a focal point, go for large-scale motifs. If the room already has a focal point, consider medium/small-size motifs that will not vie for attention. 

However, scale always works in conjunction with three other aspects - the palette, intricacy and layout. Look at how reticent even oversized damask motifs can get when featured on a tone-on-tone neutral palette as in 'Sicilian Summer' curtains. Similarly, the impact of intricacy and layout are explained ahead.

Busy or Quiet - Go for the Right Level of Intricacy

The intricacy of motifs speaks about the overarching style of decor you have embraced. A high level of intricacy is typically characteristic of traditional decor whereas minimalistic silhouette renditions and less elaborate versions are in line with modern decor styles.

Take a look at these two damask fabrics from our collection. Both, 'Almost Ivoryand 'Berry Scent', feature the same colour palette but have a different visual impact because of the intricacy factor. One is bustling with detail in its variegated hues and generous minuscule curls and the other is a stencilled silhouette print. While both fabrics can adorn traditional spaces, 'Berry Scent' can be better adapted to modern or transitional interiors because of its minimal makeup. 

Therefore, note that every drapery designed with damask or paisley may not be suitable to the particular setting in question. Choose the right level of intricacy that is suitable to your decor style and the aesthetic language of the particular room. 

All-Over or Floating - Design on the Layout

Intricacy is played out partly through the layout. With an all-over layout and minute detailing, 'Roseate' is swarming with details. Whereas, even with a magnified scale, 'Kolam' seems relatively quiet with its floating motifs. 

Note that the motif stands out vividly with more negative space around it. If you want to call attention to the beauty of the pattern, a high-contrast palette with a sparse layout will serve the purpose. Whereas, in the all-over busy layout, the mind’s focus will turn to the colour rather than the shapes.

So, working hand in hand with choice of palette, intricacy level and scale, an all-over or floating layout will decide whether your drapery will be deemed bustling or quiet. 

If your room needs a grand dose of patterns, an all-over layout of large-scale motifs will benefit the design whereas if you are dealing with a pattern overload, a quieter approach of small-scale floating motifs will be better.

Balancing the Curves - Pair with Other Patterns

Damasks and paisleys are crowd-pullers, but they are also great teammates. They can be mixed with several other patterns and help to create a very elevated curated appeal. The mix of various patterns of varying styles, scales and palettes brings dynamism to the decor. 

Since damask and paisley are defined by their twirls and swirls, patterns that counterbalance with their straight-edges are perfect to introduce as pairs. Stripes and herringbone are the most trusted motifs that pair with these labyrinth motifs and bring out the best of both.

Pay attention to the scale. If your curtains are intended to be the stars of the show, support them with low-scaled patterns in the rest of the room so that they don’t vie for attention. Downplay the scale of your curtains’ motifs when you want some other pattern in the room to be centre stage.

Shop Damask/ Paisley Curtains with The White Window

From deeply saturated hues to mellow pastels, and from extravagantly detailed compositions to pared-back silhouettes, you will find paisley and damask motifs in a wide-ranging choice spectrum in our collection. Explore our site for more inspiration and find the one that best suits your home. And no matter which fabric you choose, we guarantee you a showstopper. So go on; welcome the regal aura and eclectic charm of classical themes into your home with The White Window’s damask/ paisley curtains and drapes!