Made-to-Measure Curtains & Custom Window Drapes

When done right, curtains can be the masterstroke that makes all the difference to a room’s character, thanks to the considerable amount of optical real estate they occupy at eye level. Be it a curtain that recedes into the background quietly or one that makes its presence felt emphatically, getting its palette, pattern and measurements right is of utmost importance for the overall success of any decor project. That’s why, both homeowners and professional designers turn to made-to-measure curtains - the single most trusted method of getting all the details done right to the specific mandate of each space. 

Readymade window treatments, no matter how carefully picked from a multitude of alternatives, never reach close to the high-end bespoke beauty that custom drapes tailor-made for your space and style offer. So come along, and tap into the transformative power of meticulously handcrafted, made-to-measure curtains and drapes from The White Window.

Be it the colour you can’t get enough of, a pattern you absolutely love, or a size that the sea of mass-produced readymade curtains don’t cater to – a treasure trove of ‘drapetastic’ delectables await you here. Just three little steps to get there – browse, pick and shop – all at your convenience. 

But, what’s behind The White Window’s lofty claim that anyone can find their ‘dream drapery’ here, you may wonder. Nothing but a few thousand premium drapery fabrics, a dedicated team of seasoned seamstresses, and the five ingredients that it takes to make ‘our’ drapes truly ‘yours’. With these five essentials on offer, creating your cherished custom curtains will be but a joyride:

Fab Fab 'Fab'rics: Craft Your Couture

You say ‘easy-breezy’, we say ‘our white sheers’; you say ‘red-carpet glamorous’, we say ‘that burgundy velvet’; you say ‘lazy Sundays’, we say ‘those slubby linens’. For every whim and fancy of our clients, we carry over 3000 carefully-curated fabrics, each carrying a different thread of possibility for you and your home. To help you navigate the sea of options, here’s a simple roadmap to guide your search:

LIGHT & BRIGHT OR DARK & MOODY: Some rooms need lightweight curtains that let in light without compromising your privacy. Others need more insulative drapes for darkening and quietening a space for good sleep or focused work. Find the right dress to don both types of rooms in our extensive collection of sheer curtains and blackout drapes.

CASUAL ELEGANCE OR FORMAL OPULENCE: There’s a fabric to dress up for every occasion. For the grand, formal dining hall that will host your Christmas dinner, trust our curated silk drapes and velvet curtains to stand tall in the background.  And, for the loungey family room and the sun-loving kitchen patio, our lazy linen curtains, flowy sheer curtains, and organic cotton drapes will fit right in. 

TANGY TONES OR TRANQUIL TINTS: Whether you are designing a moody den overdosing on dark & sombre colours or a Japandi home drenched in calm, neutral pigments – our collection will have just the hue to tell your colour story. Featuring fabrics in every colour to fit every palette - from the grey of a misty morning to the orange from the heart of a flame - you will find our drapery collection meeting your Technicolour dream spectacularly.

CURLS & SWIRLS OR LINES & VINES:  Some rooms need the quietude of plains, while others need the energetic presence of patterns for an element of oomph. And whatever pattern you have in your mind – punchy paisleys, timeless damasks, ditzy florals, or clean geometrics  - you name it, we’ve got it. So whether you’ve been foraging for a classic chinoiserie floral for your country cottage or a clean stripe for your modern farmhouse kitchen, we hope your search will end with us today.

Curtain Size: Dress Every Window with the Perfect Fit

You’ll fall short on your dream decor if your curtains fall short by even a couple of centimeters! 

While readymade curtains may stop at awkward lengths or end up being too sparse or full for your windows, custom curtains offer the luxury of specifying the exact height and width that best fits your window. 

So if you are blessed with cathedral ceilings and multi-storey windows in a majestic living room, our extra-long, floor-to-ceiling curtains will add to the grandeur of your space. If you’re feeling outmatched by your petite basement window, our made-to-measure short-length curtains might just prove to be the stylish checkmate you desperately seek.  Or if your home features wide sliding glass doors, you’ll take home the perfect set of extra-wide custom drapery panels instead of having to compromise with multiple narrow, readymade curtain panels. 

Long story short, every window presents a unique design opportunity, and to tap into this potential, rely on The White Window’s custom curtains to meet your exact size specifications - no matter how awkward the dimensions. 

For guidance on how to measure curtains for any windows - unique or standard sized - refer to our detailed Drapery Sizing Guide, so both the Lilliputian basement window and the grand architrave stand an equal chance for the best perfect-fit dress. And, your speciality window - be it the enchanting bow window or the fascinating oriel at the stairwell - can celebrate its architectural beauty with made-to-measure window couture from The White Window.

Drapery Lining: Add a Layer for Added Benefits  

Drapery lining is not just an add-on but a necessity, and as important as the face fabric if you want your custom drapes to last a lifetime while also donning an elegant, dreamy fall. 

Lining behind your curtains serves as a safeguard, shielding the face fabric from premature weathering and colour fading from sun exposure. It also enhances the form of the curtains as the added weight helps in setting straight, well-rounded pleats. And if these two reasons are not enough to convince you, consider additional benefits like thermal and sound insulation, energy savings and added privacy. 

Unless you’d like to leave your sheer/ semi-sheer/ lightweight curtains unlined to maximise light inflow, we offer two types of linings to choose from, for your bespoke curtains.

We recommend our white privacy lining to cut the harsh sun glare without darkening a room, protect the face fabric, and enhance privacy as well as the overall look and fall of your drapes.  Our blackout lining - offered in two colours - goes a step further and offers substantial control over light and noise inflow. Made-to-measure curtains with blackout lining come highly recommended for bedrooms, nurseries and home theatres for their room-darkening and noise-reducing capabilities. 

While our blackout curtains collection has more than enough options in itself, sometimes it’s a non-blackout fabric that catches a client’s fancy for rooms where light-blocking is a priority. Our blackout lining is the perfect solution in such cases, giving you the freedom to transform any of our standard, non-blackout drapery fabrics into blackout curtains. So, your choices are not confined to our blackout collection; instead, the entire spectrum of our fabrics is yours to customise, ensuring your window treatments are as unique as your style. 

To learn more about our drapery lining options, their benefits and tips to choose the right one, refer to our detailed blog post on drapery lining for curtains from The White Window.

Heading Styles: Define Your Space & Refine Your Style

From polished sophistication of structured pleats to easy-breezy elegance of the unstructured ones – whatever your preference -  there’s a drapery heading style that answers the call. But while most curtain brands offer you just a selective few heading style options, we offer our clients fourteen different styles to choose from. 

Highly ornamental and tailored styles like our French triple pinch pleats and goblet pleats bring an air of refinement that best fits grand formal halls where you host guests and fish for compliments. But in a casual retreat where you enjoy your day off with family, easy styles like flat panel tops and grommet tops can set the mood.

Choice of heading style for your made-to-measure curtains will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make while shopping with us. So do give our Drapery Heading Style Guide a read before ordering your custom curtains. And once you’ve read through the references, if you still have any questions at all, know that our stylists are just an email away to share tips from decades worth of experience!  

Curtain Trims & Passementerie: Finesse the Finish

The desire to dress your home with made-to-measure drapery is not always brought about by an odd-sized window or a hard-to-meet palette. Many clients come to The White Window looking for drapes that spell ‘bespoke’ loud and clear -  curtains that come across as thoughtfully designed, unique elements for a singular home - instead of being just another pick off the high street. 

And a carefully chosen curtain trim - from our extensive collection of over 200 options - is often the objet d’art that fulfils that goal. 

In nurseries or kids' rooms, our pom pom trimmings become the piece de resistance of your decor, such is their cheerful charm. Fringe trims bring in rich texture and add visual interest. If your home is bursting with ornate details, our hand-knotted tassel trims will strike the deal for you. 

Whatever your taste, whatever the vision, you will find your perfect little thing within The White Window’s drapery trimmings collection to clearly relay the bespoke origins of your made-to-measure drapes. We certainly hope you will make the best of this creative opportunity and indulge in the simple joy of creating a one-of-a-kind custom drapery set detailed with one of our lovely trims, for your lovely home! 

The White Window Curtains: Envisioned by You, Handmade by Us.  

Let the window that makes you most anxious with its odd shape or size be your greatest creative delight. Dress your home not with machine-made, mass-produced drapes, but with made-to-measure curtains that imbibe the true character of your home. And with expert tips from our drapery specialists, detailed reference guides, and a myriad of options that stay true to our promise of ‘personalise as you like’, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit for your windows here today. So with all the excitement and high hopes, we welcome you to our drapescape. Happy shopping, fellow draper!