Ombre Curtains & Two-Tone Window Drapes

When whispers make statements!

If monochromes leave you unimpressed and colour riots leave you overwhelmed, our collection of ombre curtains & drapes might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Ombre - literally meaning ‘shaded’ in French - refers to the design technique of gently blending colours or shades from light to dark or vice versa.  Like a surprise that greets you unexpectedly and leaves you delighted, ombre curtains blend colours and shades beautifully, thereby earning the alternate names -  ‘two-tone’ or ‘gradient’ curtains.

Decorating with ombre curtains is nothing less than a  journey into elegant simplicity, and you’re invited to join in as our designers spill their top ideas, tips, and tricks for styling ombre drapery into your space.

Styling Your Space with Ombre Curtains: Top Ideas & Tips

There are many reasons to opt for ombre curtains, the most obvious one being that they stamp the space with a unique character and make a colour statement without being too loud. For a home that is discreet in its palette choices and yet does not want to renounce the prospects of a foray into colours, ombre drapes provide the perfect intermediary solution. 

While ombre drapes gel with any space and decor style, there are certain occasions where they are true problem solvers. When planned correctly, their potential can be tapped optimally, but lacking due consideration, one can easily miss the mark. So, our home stylist experts bring to you our top tips to style your ombre drapes correctly and to sync them with your spaces organically:

INTRODUCE A BOLD HUE: Breaking a monotonous setting with a surprise element like a bold colour is sometimes necessary to generate visual interest. But getting an entire drapery set in that colour may completely overthrow the design. Here ombre is a godsend because the surprise, which is only a hint, is unveiled gently. In minimalist homes where saturated colours are a rarity, two-tone ombre drapes fit the bill for their restrained venture into colours.

HIT THE PALETTE SPOT-ON: Within a monochromatic colour scheme, drapery that works on the same colour formula is befitting. Therefore, our two-tone ombre drapes with white graduating into colour are perfect for such interiors. It brings various shades of that one colour to play, effectively tying all the primary and accent hues together.  

MIND THE WINDOW'S SCALE: Since ombre is a progressive colouration, you need to ensure that the drapery size offers the scope for its complete unfolding. For that, the window must be tall enough and have no obstructions underneath so that floor-length drapery can be hung. Short curtains may not offer enough fabric span to capture the entirety of the colour gradients. 

ENABLE FULL VIEW: The room’s layout should be such that the curtains’ full length is visible. So, if you have a couch or a console blocking the view of the lower portion, the colour at the bottom of the drapery does not come into the picture at all. When opting for ombre drapes, rearrange the furniture in order to enable full view.

BALANCE SOLIDS AND PATTERNS: Ombre curtains perform a balancing act in your decor between solids and patterns. If solids far outweigh patterns in the room, a plain-coloured drapery may make the room look cold and sterile. On the other hand, if you have a pattern overload to deal with, patterned drapes can make it look messy. If you fail to find a solid-coloured drapery in the desired palette, ombre drapes can plug the gap.

Ombre Drapes at The White Window 

Our collection comprises two-tone and three-tone ombre options with a mix of neutrals and bold colours so that you can easily find one that fits your mandate. Both categories of drapes feature white on the top, making it all the more easy to blend with both colour-heavy and colourless spaces. 

To get you started on your ombre experience, we invite you to take a peek into our collection for visual inspiration.

TANGO CARROTWith a pinch of the energetic orange flashing through white and beige, this ombre drapery is the perfect mix of tang and bland. If you like to add a refreshing colour to your decor without going overboard with it, Tango Carrot drapes are definitely a great way.

FLORENCE SEAThe blue seas with a vast bright, white sky overhead - that’s the beauty this ombre drapery has captured on fabric. Introduce this drapery to a coastal home to relay the theme tacitly.

HEARTH SUNWith pleasing warm white evolving slowly into a dynamic yellow ochre, this ombre drapery is all about a balance between neutrals and bright colours. If you love the summer vibes of sunny hues but are on the fence when bringing them to home decor, Hearth Sun drapes will see you there.

ANGELIC TOUCHThis lovely beige-pink ombre drapery may convince you of pink’s immense capacity to be contemplative and moody, just the right optimistic touch for a space that needs positive vibes without being too rosy.

FLINT COATOmbre is not always about rainbows, sometimes they are about the cloudy skies - the celebrated greys that minimalists use as the neutralising force. This ombre drapery brings you a rainbow of greys to resonate with a sophisticated modern home.

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If ombre curtains and drapery have piqued your interest, do go through our collection for more inspiration. Should you want to explore more, browse through our 2000+ fabrics spanning a range of hues, patterns and materials for a wider choice spectrum. Take benefit of our blogs on drapery styling and home decor for more creative ideas, tips and solutions. With over a dozen heading styles to choose from and various methods of personalising the drapery, you will not only be able to create the right set of drapes for your home but also enjoy the process of designing them. That’s a guarantee from The White Window.