Curtain Trims: Tassels, Pom Poms, Fringes, Ribbons, Beads & Borders

A cake without a topping, a bride without jewellery and a curtain without trims - all sound sadly incomplete!  In rooms that look ‘dressed right’ only when ‘dressed up’, curtains must sport trimmings. Quite often, the distance between the run-of-the-mill window curtains and the ‘Ouh là là’ dreamy drapery is run by such dainty details as a finely crafted tassel trim or a sparkly bauble trim.

Part of couture charm and top-grade interior designers’ signature touches, curtain trimmings offer the opportunity to upgrade your drapery with colour, texture and character. Explore the curtain trimmings offered at The White Window and choose one that will bestow the unique personality your drapes should flaunt.

But before that, let’s tell you why we are fans of curtain trimmings.

Little Things that Make the Biggest Difference: How Made-to-Measure Drapes Don One-Of-A-Kind Allure

Accessorising the drapes is not just about running the extra mile to add elegance upon elegance. Curtain trimmings have more to do than just being bells and whistles in the decor. They are like limericks that convey pithy stories with few words of great depth. If you go beyond what meets the eye, you’ll find that curtain trimmings carry heavy responsibilities on their fragile shoulders, such as:

WEAR YOUR PERSONALITY: Personalising the drapes is the prime goal of adding trims to the curtains for most clients. Your home should feel like an extension of your soul - not like a strange place filled with off-the-shelf decor. Let your personality shine out through your drapery. From cutesy pompom trims to dressy fringe trims and sauve ribbon trims, you will find several ways to hint at your persona through your curtain trims.

RING IN LUXE VIBES: Luxury often speaks a vibrant poetic language and curtain trims meet that mandate. Opulence goes on a soprano mode with a glimmer and a trinket when trims dot your curtains. 

SOFTEN THE EDGES: The straight edges of the curtains can be given a softer, scalloped and embellished contour with trims such as tassels and pompoms. If you want to soften a room and counterbalance the sharp edges and straight lines of your curtains and window trims, our drapery trims can bring that gentle elegance effortlessly.

TWO-TONE A PLAIN CURTAIN: If you’ve chosen a plain drapery fabric but would love to introduce the accent tones of your room to your drapery, trims are the opportunity. Without infringing on the face fabric, trims can add a second tone to your plain curtains.

DEFINE THE PALETTE: If your room is too diverse with accent tones, use multi-toned trims that bind all of them together at one spot in the drapery. This technique is especially handy when designing colour-loaded kids’ rooms and nurseries. Your drapery can define the palette of the room and sometimes do a better job of it with the right trims.

ADD TEXTURE: Colours bring liveliness and textures add depth. If you feel like a room is looking a bit flat and dull, perhaps it needs some textural warmth. Hone in on the braided textures and interlocked weaves of curtain trims to plug that deficit. And if your decor elements are already generously layered with textures, your curtains can gladly lead the choir.

DEFINE THE SILHOUETTES: If you have chosen a plain drapery fabric that matches the wall colour too closely, the drapery will blend into the architecture. If that’s not your vision and you’d rather have the drapes stand out a bit, add trims to their edges that either introduce a different tone or a pleasant texture. This way, the curtains will don a well-defined profile, have a pronounced separation from the background and flaunt their elite status unmistakably.

RELAY THE MOOD: Home decor often begins with the question - ‘How do I want to feel in this space?’ Joyful, recollected, moody, playful, sensual, lively - there can be so many answers to this question. Curtain trims can convey the word delicately but effectively. Think of a pompom trim and the child in you gets elated. Or, a gilded Victorian tassel and you know it’s the plush formal living room. Curtain trims define the formal or casual character of the space and set the tone of the decor palpably.

FLAUNT HANDMADE ELEGANCE: Those who select drapery fabrics with a ‘common’ colour or pattern fear that they may come across as hackneyed store-bought drapery. Add trims and change the narrative. Let your window couture sport the handcrafted elegance of curtain trims and proudly wear the ‘made-to-order’ label on its sleeve.

A Peek Into The White Window's Treasure Trove of Curtain Trims

Embellishments are one of the outstanding ways to exhibit the bespoke origins of your drapes. They testify to the forethought invested in the finest details of your home decor. Curtains with elegant trims delight the eye and serve the je ne sais quoi element to instantly elevate the home decor by several notches.  At The White Window, we have made sure that you can find a trim to relay your taste - no matter what decor style or palette you follow. Let’s give you an overture:

Tassel Trims

A tassel is a bunch of even-length cords tied together at one end. A tassel trim has lush tassels typically dangling from a braided header made of silk twines. 

Originally used as decorative tie-off knots by ancient Asian silk weavers, tassels’ journey from the bling of royals to the jewellery of home decor was not accidental. As in fashion, so in decor, they add colour, glimmer and texture. When applied to drapery, they soften the lead edges and add to the dressiness of formal decor. 

Curtains with tassel trims remind one of the plush Victorian-age homes generously sprinkled with shiny passementerie. Then, as wealth-symbolic exotica, and today as handcrafted grandeur, tassel trims continue to be a beautiful way to add lustre and regal charm.  Produced with hundreds of hours of meticulous labour by craftsmen trained for years, each tassel trim is a masterpiece that speaks to the emerging idea of luxury as quintessential craftsmanship. 

If your home is bursting with ornate details or needs a tad bit of classical garnishments to spice up, our curtain tassel trims will strike the deal for you. Look at our jumbo tassel trims like Whim that bring  classical beauty to an emphasised degree. Proving that sometimes more is more, our Patio trims don twin tassels while Parchment trims offer two-tiered lush tassels. 

From softly shining to sparkly glamorous, from small tchotchke-like to opulent king-size, from classical gold dust shades to trend-right palettes - you will find a tassel trim that rhymes with every tune.

Fringe Trims

A fringe trim is a decorative strip of handwoven braid from which short cords or looped threads hang. They soften the edges of the drapery and add an organic elegance to the space when the winds brush their bristles. 

If you like trims with undulated contours but find tassels to be too dressy for your style, fringe trims are the go-to. They feature homespun elegance and curated opulence but with a more streamlined, minimalist beauty than tassel trims.

Look out for our viscose brush fringe trims if you’re looking to spice up velvet or silk drapes, and for our cotton brush fringe trims for non-reflective fabrics like cotton and linen. For a more decorative touch, try our looped fringe trims to proffer a curvy silhouette to the drapery.

Although an ornamental addition to the drapery, some clients find them functional too. Lush fringe trims extending outward from the drapery block light leakage from the seams of the window to some extent.

Pompom Trims

Pompom trims are colourful bands dotted with fluffy tufts. They come in various sizes and colours, and, no matter how dainty, make their presence felt with their strikingly attractive colours and whimsical frames. 

The lush pompoms branching out from the silhouettes of the drapery add casual chic and organic beauty to the room. These fanciful adornments, though very subtle additions, relax the mood of the room incredibly. That makes them great additions to casual living-dining rooms, feminine bedrooms, nurseries and kids’ bedrooms.

Soft and squishy, and often featuring bright cheerful colours, curtains with pompom trims are staples in nurseries and kids’ rooms.  On a windy day, they are ‘easy-breezy’ amusement for a curious little mind as they evoke the same intrigue as cradle mobiles, windchimes and moving toys.

Explore our multi-coloured pompom trims that bring joyous hues to the decor in their munchkin fluffs. But if you want your fur balls to make a bold style statement, our jumbo pompom trims are an assured attention-grabber makeup for your drapes. 

Ribbon Trims

Pizzazz is not always brought about through perky additions; sometimes it takes a polished refinement, an understated garniture. Ribbon trims prove that. Featuring a saturated colour,  a tactile quality or a simple pattern, our ribbon trims deliver an element of visual interest on the drapery with poise.

A tad bit of plush nap as in our velvet ribbon trims, a delectable texture as in our grosgrain or a subtle play of patterns as in our striped ribbon trims is sometimes the right amount of cosmetic intervention needed to uplift the decor.

When the border edges of the drapery are embellished with ribbon trims, its profile gets highlighted. Alternatively, ribbon trims are also used in an inset position to emphasise the layer of colour or pattern that they offer.

They maintain the crispness of the straight-edged contours of the drapery while still adding a layer of embellishment. Their clean-lined construction often finds favour with minimalistic urbane decor styles, masculine setups and boys’ rooms.

From grosgrain to velvet, plain to patterns, broad to narrow - you get to choose between ribbon trims of various finishes, colours and sizes. Depending on the overall colour and material palette, you can specify a ribbon trim that brings contrast, interest and enrichment to the decor.

Braid Trims

Braids are stiffened tight-knit flat trims that feature intertwined cords. Depicting simple patterns with woven textures, classical colours and glimmering cords, braid trims are fineries loaded with vintage vibes.

Mediating between ornate trims like tassels and minimalistic trims like ribbons, braid trims offer a handwoven ecstasy with a clean-lined finish. See how Mambo braid trims’ jewelled stripes and Tapestry border trims’ embroidered harlequins add warmth, texture and colour with quiet endearment.

When you want your curtains to don a traditional embellished appeal but retain their straight-edged profiles, braid trims offer a go-between. Neither too detailed like tassels nor too casual like pompoms, braid trims can grace an informal space as much as a formal one. 

Concluding Embellishment

Curtain trims prove that God is indeed in the detail! Professional designers and decor enthusiasts find their creative intuitions coming to fruition in the intricate fine detailing that these tasteful accessories provide. From sparkling festive to playful carefree, from sumptuous ornate to refined minimal - trims come in all flavours to express varied tastes. And what a lovely way it is to add a scintilla (or, sometimes loads) of oomph to a home that is your happiest place, a manifestation of your personality and a haven where precious memories will take shape! Pamper your drapes with these ornaments; you and your home deserve it.