Plain Curtains & Textured Window Drapes

Quiet and focused, straightforward and assertive, plain and textured drapes truly exemplify that ‘less is more’. Whilst so perfect for streamlined, modern homes, when designed with foresight, they can also enhance detail-heavy traditional spaces with their counterbalancing stillness.  No surprise, therefore, that plain curtains are found adorning every type of space - from a bustling maximalist living room to a quiet minimalist lounge, a glam Hollywood condo to a cosy farmhouse - and everything in between.

Plain and textured drapes elicit a clear statement with few words and minimum fanfare. Trust them to be promising stalwarts of your aesthetic vision, whatever it may be. As breathers in pattern-loaded spaces and as signatories of pattern-free minimalist spaces, plain and textured drapes have a distinct role only they can play!

At The White Window,  you are certain to find the right pick today within our extensive collection of designer fabrics available in every type of composition, weave and texture. Explore and enjoy as we take you on a trip to the world of plain/textured drapery, sharing tips to style them correctly, and introducing tasteful picks from our collections all along. 

Balance a Pattern Heavy Setting

If you love patterns, the best way to layer them in the decor is to introduce them judiciously. A solid backdrop enhances the beauty of their shapes, colours and details. The more plain space you can offer around your patterned elements, the better they will stand out and shine! Therefore, introduce plain or textured drapes to a space that is curated with ravishing patterns. If your walls, rugs and upholstery feature patterns, give them a stage to put up their act on with a set of plain drapes.

Besides, a space rife with patterns needs a restful break which plain drapery can offer in the right amount. A pattern-heavy space runs the risk of looking cluttered and can easily overwhelm the eye. So offset their energy and bring balance to the design with plain drapery

Make It Cosy with Textures

When patterns don’t sync with your style but you need a tad bit of something to add visual interest, textures are the go-to. Use textured drapes to mediate between solids and patterns. They avoid the sterility that may come with a long stretch of plain, flat-woven colour; at the same time, they shy away from being too intriguing like vivid patterns.  

Textures also feel warm to the eye and tactile to the touch. If your space lacks textural variety, textured drapes can be a great way to bring the much-needed difference. Without making it too obvious, they create visual depth in the space, bringing just the right amount of detail to minimalist spaces that thrive on sophistication, clean lines and refinement. 

The play of light and shadow on textured drapes brings an organic element into the picture - be they the slubs of crinkly linen, the ruggedness of thick-woven cotton, the knobbly wefts of raw silk, or the plush piles of velvet. Look at the herringbone texture of 'Sky Tint' or the twisted weave of 'Country Home'. Tactile fabrics like these bring dynamism subtly through their special weave or seeming imperfections that give off a lived-in vibe, a homely feel.

Bring in Patterns with Subtlety

When you want just a hint of a pattern while sticking to a single tone, opt for fabrics with embossed motifs or tone-on-tone patterns. 

For example, 'Soft Snow' features an all-over basket hatch pattern with emboldened contours. 'Sweet Nougat' does a subtle job with its puckered finish that unravels a floral pattern on closer inspection. Whereas, 'Arabian Jade' cannot keep any secrets on its olive green facade embossed with a quatrefoil motif through and through. 'Barley Ridgeknocks it out of the park with its appliqué-like floral pattern that conceals its flamboyance in but a trace of shimmer.

So much can be achieved by textural drapes, only a creative vision is wanting. Let your drapes ring in textural richness not through the natural traits of their base material, but by small-scale textured patterns integrated into their finishes.

Introduce Accent Tone with Trimmings

Just because you fell for plain drapery or needed a textured set of curtains in your decor, you don’t have to resign to the fate of sticking to a single colour. If you love colour or need to nod to the accent tones of your decor, entrust that role to curtain trimmings.

Ravishing tassel trims, playful pompom trims, feathery fringe trims, sophisticated ribbon trims, time-honoured braid trims - you name it, we have it. These tasteful additions also deliver more of your creative vision by voicing your decor style and the mood of the space.

    And, most importantly, if you fear your plain/textured drapes will look like some readymade drapes from some ubiquitous store, these trims will save the day. Flaunt the fact that your curtains are made to measure by adding bespoke, dainty details like curtain trims. 

    Highlight Statement Furniture

    If you’ve finally found your favourite crescent couch or vintage dining table, why not let them be the star of the show? Plain drapes are the right backdrop that will let them shine and claim the applause they truly deserve. Drape the windows and all the bridging walls to offer that perfect ambience for the celebrity to dazzle.

    Say, you have a heirloom couch whose deep purple upholstery and florid frame make it a default focal point. Hang crystal white drapes like 'Frozen Delight' or a deep-textured sheer like 'Wintertime' behind so that the exhilarating hue of your couch sheds its mojo emphatically. 

    Or, if it’s a three-tier glass chandelier, cosy with warm yellow lights that need to be the radiant statement of the room, go for a dark velvet drapery like 'Monsoon Midnight' that not only adds to the glamour but also becomes the dark sky for those stars to shine. Between the undulating contours and the deep piles of velvet, you’ll find all hues from bright sapphire to jet black, enhancing the textural richness and visual depth of the space. 

    Blend with the Architecture

    If you want to keep your space serene, let your plain drapes blend with the walls. Where a different coloured drapery brings contrast and breaks the continuity, drapes that match the colour of the walls continue the theme. With the entire room featuring the same colour, it feels like a cocoon, a comforting oasis. This is especially true of a space designed with light colours that are soothing to the eye.

    Think of your bedroom - your escape from the world, where you want to take a break to rejuvenate yourself. Bringing multiple colours to this space can continue to keep your mind in its alert and excited state. Instead, edit out the colours and keep it subtle with plain drapes that echo the walls so you can easily unwind after a long noisy day and shut off the mind for rest.

    It is also a great idea for hardcore minimalists who want to have as little to do with colours as possible. Plain drapes that match the walls help minimalist spaces accomplish refined elegance with a tight monochrome palette. 

    Make a Small Space Seem Large

    Dealing with a tiny room and want to figure out a way to make it feel less claustrophobic? One of the ways to reduce the feeling of stuffiness is to bring as little of colour and pattern as possible to this space. These elements generate visual interest and keep the mind occupied with them. Instead, what you need is a calm space that features neutralized hues and makes you feel the expanse of the room.

    Therefore, stick to a muted or neutral colour palette overall. And, go for plain or textured drapes that match the walls. This makes it hard to discern their silhouettes, thus creating a sense of continuity visually. And, the space ‘feels’ more elongated optically.

    Order Plain & Textured Drapes with The White Window

    If you have come this far on this short adventurous trip, we hope you have fallen in love with the idea of dressing your windows with plain/ textured drapes. By now, you also know that our collection has many surprises waiting for your creative vision to take over. So, get on to the most exciting part. Explore The Window Window curtain collection and shop the best plain/ textured drapes for your home today!