Net Curtains, Voile Drapes & Sheer Window Drapery Panels

A timeless addition to your decor - net, voile, and sheer curtains are a surefire way to ensure a sun-kissed home that’s breathing and fresh without compromising your privacy. These translucent window dressings allow sunlight to softly filter in and cheer up the interiors of the home with a soft glow and beautiful warmth, making them great choices for the living-dining areas. With a low-weight loose weave composition that enables fast drying, voile curtains also become the most fitting candidates for kitchens and laundry rooms that are prone to wetness and humidity. 

Capable of syncing with any kind of decor style and a variety of spaces, sheer/ net curtains are versatile accessories that you can depend on no matter what type of architecture or interiors your house features. From the luxurious apartments of London to the cosy cottages of the Scottish Highland, you’ll find sheer curtains and voile drapes shedding their mojo in the most dressed-up living spaces as in the most casual kitchen patios. Sometimes as standalone, at other times layered with other treatments, net curtains can pull off the show alone but are also excellent team players.

If you’re looking to dress your windows with made-to-measure sheer, voile and net curtains, let us assure you that it’s a great way to add beauty and functionality to your spaces. At The White Window, we assure you a flawless set of sheer drapery, a plethora of choices and guidance all along the way. To get the most out of your shopping trip with us, let’s start with a few tips and tricks from our in-house stylists:

Go for Sumptuous Fullness

Being thin and translucent, sheer, voile, and net curtains look gorgeous no matter how they are designed. But their ability to provide privacy depends on how richly they are gathered in pleats. Sumptuous panel width results in closely spaced pleats that are deep and lush, giving away minimal clue of the house’s interiors when viewed from outside. 

Besides, sumptuous width enables the sheer curtains to look as voluminous as non-sheer drapes with deep pleats.  Should you go stingy with the width, net/ voile drapery will look extremely sparse and cheap, given the low-body of the fabric.  

So, stitch them with a minimum of 2x fullness, that is, double the width of the window. For even more robust pleats, consider going up to  3x fullness. That means, if your curtain pole is 100 cm long, your net curtain pair must be 300 cm (100x3) wide, i.e. each panel should be 150 cm wide.

Amplify the aesthetics as well as the functionality of your sheers by stitching them with 2-3x fullness. Should you have any doubts yet, do check our Drapery Measurement Guide before you shop.

Get the Right Palette

As with all curtains, it is important to make the right decision regarding the palette of net curtains too. But, with nets/ sheers, you must pre-calculate that any colour on it will have lesser impact than on a curtain with a close-knit body. So, a black sheer will be less dramatic than a black non-sheer, to serve as an example. 

This is because light, both internal and external, passes through the fabric, lowering the visual weightage of the colour. Similarly, colours of a voluminous drapery look deeper because of the saturation whereas those of voiles/ sheers look dimmer because of their sparseness. So, when selecting the colour of the sheer, factor in that it will be less saturated and lighter when it dons your windows as curtains. And you will need more pleating and denser layers to bring out the darker hues of your chosen colours. 

If your idea of roping in sheers is to maximise light, white sheer curtains are the best option. Besides letting in light, they also reflect the most amount of light, making your space look bright and fresh.  That’s why curtains like 'Usterand 'Day Spring' are always in great demand.

That said, our collection caters to every kind of taste and palette. So, you’ll find 'Stormy Sky' in a cloudy grey, 'Cosmic Navy' in an icy blue and 'Carolina Berry' in a deep red in our collection. Go for any bit of the rainbow that resonates with your style!

Layer Your Sheers with Suitable Dressings

While net, voile, and sheer curtains do a great job by themselves of adding aesthetic richness, vibrance and personality to your decor, they are limited in providing night-time privacy and insulation. But that doesn’t mean they cannot adorn more private spaces like bedrooms. 

Layer your sheers with suitable non-sheer treatments that will take care of the privacy aspect at night and insulative requirements during extreme weather conditions. In this way, you will have two options for light control and privacy. 

If you go for non-sheer treatments only as stand-alone, you have to choose between all of the light and all of the privacy. Whereas with layered sheer curtains, you can have both light and privacy during the day and the night-time privacy can be ensured by non-sheers.

Besides, it provides a great opportunity to mix colours and patterns. Combine neutral-hued net/ sheer curtains with coloured non-sheer curtains. For example, try the classic combination of blue and white with 'Ashberry' silk blend drapes and 'Verity' white sheers. Or, combine two neutral hues like a warm treat of cream and brown in 'Ice Peak' sheers and 'Wood Crush' linen-blend drapes.

Or, bring a contrast of plain and patterns such that the plain curtains join hands with the accent tones of the patterned drapes. For example, if your style involves nature-inspired themes, consider a printed sheer like the floral 'Cheddar' paired with solid orange 'Spanishdrapes. 

If you’re decorating your kid’s room, introduce a whimsical element with the tasselled 'Glee' sheers that exhibits pops of colour through its playful motifs. Over-layer it with 'Deep Rosette' blackout drapes that play off of the pink accents of the sheer curtains. While the sheers filter light and air during the day, the blackout drapes enable room-darkening for the little one’s naptime.

If involvement with patterns is not your take on design, try a sheer like 'Texture Check' that features a self-patterned check weave on its white body - a modicum detail that makes the biggest difference. Or, consider a curtain like 'Crisp Linen' which has its climbing vines done in tone-on-tone embroidery. 

Whichever layering combination you pick for your sheers and non-sheer curtains, the advantage you reap is a different feel to the space each time you operate the drapes. Since the non-sheer layer on top completely veils the sheer layer beneath, you get to see a different colour or a visual treat of patterns every time you draw the non-sheer drapes to the sides. 

In a non-private space like a living room, you can make your sheer drapery look more dressy and designer with a chic valance topping them. When your net curtains/ voile drapes/ sheers are moved to the sides, you still have a decorative layer on top that hides the window trim and adds visual interest. 

Net, voile, and sheer curtains are also great partners for blinds and shades of any type. Where blinds fulfil the functional roles, sheers can soften the ambiance and filter in light.

Select the Right Heading Style

The heading style refers to the construction of the curtain header, the top portion of the curtain that holds the pleats on the front and the tape on the back. It impacts both the visual appeal of the drapery as well as its functionality. 

While heavier fabrics should ideally be planned with heading styles that glide easily on the pole for maximum functional ease, sheer curtains don’t have such limitations. Since they are lightweight, any heading style works for them.

But the rule of thumb for sheer curtains is to find the style that fulfils the functional goal the best. Ask yourself the question: Do I want the sheers to be drawn together all the time to provide privacy? Or, do I want to stack them on the sides more often than leave them covering the window? 

If you envision your sheers hugging the window tight and protecting your privacy flawlessly, choose styles like rod pockets and back tab tops that stay more rooted even on a windy day.  If you plan to use your net or sheer curtains to cover the window occasionally, go for any of the other heading styles that hang on fabric loops, grommets or rings. These glide easily on the pole, making it very convenient to operate when you want to open and close them.

Also account for the aesthetic factor. Is your decor style a minimal chic like Scandinavian, Japandi or Modern Organic? Then, opt for a style like wave pleat tops that look laidback and clean-lined. Or are you looking to add a dressier element in your decor? Then, try one of the pinch pleat headers for their extremely tailored look and decorative pleats. 

Whichever look you aim to create and whatever the type of operability you seek, you have a dozen heading styles on offer that can cater to the exact mix of form and function that you need. Do visit our Headings Style Guide for more insights on each style before you select one that goes best with your decor and functional requirements.

Envision Creative Ways of Adding Sheers

Transparent and semi-transparent curtains have a whimsical element to them that makes them particularly suited to certain types of decor. But these gauzy beauties are by no means limited to just windows. There are umpteen ways to employ net, voile, and sheer curtains in your decor to add personality, softness and sumptuousness. Here are some suggestions:

LAYER OVER NON-SHEER DRAPES: If you love sheer and net curtains for their feathery elegance and don’t need them for daytime privacy, consider layering them over/in front of your non-sheer drapes. Here, sheers fulfill a purely decorative role of conveying softness and opulence. Clients who are not very much in love with the colours or patterns of their non-sheer drapes often use this technique to tone down their visual impact. 

DRAPE A WALL: When you want to create an accent wall without pouring out a bucket of paint, bring a pair of lush sheer curtains and drape the wall from floor to ceiling. The way sheers soften the ambience and bring colours to play with  graceful elegance, you may find it to be your all-time favourite selfie point. If not for a permanent setup, you can always use this method to create a beautiful backdrop for an event like a birthday celebration or a photoshoot. Not just for their ornate touch, but also for their ability to cover up, some clients camouflage the architectural defects or peeling paints of a wall with deep-pleated sheer curtains when the proper solutions are far from their reach or lie beyond their budget.

MAKE A BED CANOPY: Line a four-poster bed with sheer curtains and convert it into an idyllic space with a dreamy elegance. If you don’t have a statement canopy bed, but are an adventurous DIY-er, you can work the trick with a prop as simple as a hula hoop or a tension rod. Add some ribbons and flowers and adorable trinkets or wrap around a trail of fairy lights and set the ambience for a romantic evening. Take the decor to the next level by topping the delicate veils with a decorative scalloped valance in soft pastel-y hues. 

DIVIDE A ROOM: When you want to bring a sense of separation from the rest of the space but not introduce an obtrusive element, hang a pair of sheer curtains. This is a great idea for open-plan homes. In studio apartments where all the windows are positioned on one side of the room, and you do not want to interfere with the flow of light, net, voile, and sheer curtains help to bring separation and privacy without compromising the availability of daylight. 

Shop Net Curtains, Voile Drapes & Sheer Drapery Panels with The White Window

Net curtains, voile curtains, and sheer curtains come with huge possibilities to deliver to a variety of creative visions in any desired colour, pattern or texture. Besides, their affordability makes them great options for those who are decorating their homes on a budget. You can always start with neutral-coloured net/ voile/ sheer curtains and layer them with opaque window dressings later when time and budget are more favourable. Create a beautiful light-filtering visually endearing window decor with net, voile, and sheer curtains and make your home look bright and welcoming. Browse our collection and shop your favourite sheer curtains at The White Window today!