Blackout Curtains & Window Drapes for Room Darkening/ Light Blocking

Sometimes we want curtains to not just soften the sun's glare, but also go a step further and darken the room. None can agree more on this than night-shift workers who crash the bed at odd hours, newbie parents who struggle to get their little one to nap and those who need pitch dark to catch a wink. Similarly, movie enthusiasts and e-gamers often come to us looking for curtains that can help create a theatre-like ambience. And that’s where The White Window’s blackout curtains step in. And, no, the functional benefits of our blackout curtains do not come at the cost of aesthetics.

At The White Window, you will find blackout curtains in a wide variety of colourways, going much, much beyond the limited dark and moody tones that high-street sellers offer. So, no matter what your colour palette or decor style, you can be sure to find blackout drapes that further your aesthetic goals. In addition to that, you also have more leverage on the functional aspect of the drapery because our blackout drapes come in varying degrees of room-darkening capacity.  

An impressive amalgam of form and function, blackout drapes are true godsends. Look at all the good things that come to those who choose our blackout drapery

ROOM-DARKENING: All curtains block light to some degree but with dimout/ blackout drapes, you can block 70-100% of incoming light. So, take your bedroom to cocoon mode and enjoy awesome shut-eye until you wish to call it off. Avoid rude awakenings and let the sun rise in your bedroom only when you plan to wake up and have your day. Similarly, make your home theatre a true cinema experience so that the screen is the only thing that stands out visibly in the room when it’s time for your favourite show.

SOUND ABSORPTION: Although blackout curtains are designed primarily to curb light, they also provide noticeable sound insulation. Their thick weave and coating absorb and dampen the incoming sound waves, and reduce noise from the external environment. They also muffle loud and shrill sounds in the house and cut off echoes.

After all, what good is a bedroom or a media room which is dark but not hushed? So, count on our blackout curtains to carve out a quiet niche for your entertainment zone, study and home office in the middle of a loud street, squeals of toddlers and pets, and the unpleasant sound of creaking floors.

ROOM TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Blackout curtains provide a thick insulative cover from external weather conditions. They effectively resist the mingling of the internal air with the external environment. Studies have proven that during winter blackout curtains help cut off thermal energy loss through the windows by almost 30%. So, along with taking steps like draught-proofing and heating, hang blackout curtains at all your doors and windows. Block cold wind from entering the home and warm air from leaving.

ENERGY SAVINGS: By helping to maintain the room’s temperature, blackout drapes ease the job of the boiler/HVAC considerably. It results in a significant dip in energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases involved in the process. Hence, we proudly claim that our blackout drapes are entitled to be called ‘green’. And, they are not only kind to the environment but also to your pockets. Besides saving on your electricity bills, they enhance the longevity of your heating system by reducing its workload.

ENHANCED PRIVACY: Since blackout drapes resist light penetration and do not allow shadows to be cast, they offer higher privacy than standard drapery. Whether your room is lit or not, whether someone is moving about in the room or not, or whether the room is occupied or not, it just looks the same externally once the drapes are drawn. If your house is on a busy street or you have exceptionally nosy neighbours, you will definitely appreciate blackout drapes’ ability to protect your privacy to the fullest. 

PROTECTION OF SOFT FURNISHINGS: Since curtains are constantly exposed to sunlight, they tend to fade and exhibit colour gradations over time. But, that is not true of blackout drapery. Blackout drapes or curtains backed by blackout lining are better equipped to handle sun damage. We especially recommend blackout lining behind all silk drapes as they tend to be the most vulnerable to sun damage and colour fading. Not just the curtains themselves, blackout drapes help protect the textile and wooden furnishings that are exposed to heat and sunlight all day. They can reduce premature weathering, fading and warping, thereby maximising the lifespan of all your rugs and upholstery, wooden floors and furniture.

ELEGANT DRAPE AND FALL: The aesthetic richness of drapery lies in the way the fabrics drape and fall. Since blackout lining is heavier than privacy lining, it adds more body to drapes, giving them a beautiful sumptuousness. And owing to the enhanced weight of the drapes, the pleats hang straight faster and don’t flare at the bottom. Thus, going blackout augments the visual appeal of your drapery.

How to Make the Most of Blackout Curtains

Now that you know what you’ll miss out on if not for blackout curtains, let’s draw your attention to the fact that going blackout is only half the job done when it comes to making a dark quiet space. Selecting the right type of blackout and styling the drapery correctly is also important to attain the goal you have in mind. On that note, here are a few top tips from our drapery experts to help you get the most out of your blackout curtains:  

CAREFULLY CONSIDER THE OPTIONS: Light-blocking drapes from The White Window come in three options. No doubt, all of them are capable of darkening a room and providing insulation, but the degree to which they attain these goals vary. So, you’d ideally select one of the following options based on your specific requirements for each room:

  • DIMOUT DRAPERY FABRICS: These fabrics control a fair amount of incoming light - between 70-90% - which ensures a semi-dark space. If you appreciate a medium type of room-darkening in which the outlines of objects in the room can be discerned, consider dimout drapery fabrics
  • BLACKOUT DRAPERY FABRICS: Curtains made from these fabrics control 95-100% of light. If you want to darken the room such that nothing is visible once the drapes are drawn, go for blackout drapery fabrics. In addition, opt for blackout lining to double the benefits. If you’re looking for curtains for your home theatre, for example - blackout drapes with blackout lining are the best choice.
  • DRAPERY WITH BLACKOUT LINING: Any set of curtains from The White Window can be transformed into blackout drapery by backing it with blackout lining - a lining that bears the same functional traits as blackout drapery fabric. This way of going blackout expands the choice spectrum manifold as you can select any drapery fabric that meets your personal style. But do note that a lining always works in tandem with the face fabric. You’d ideally select a thick and tight-knit drapery fabric for the lining to be most effective at its job. So, a velvet or thick cotton fabric will do better than a loose-woven linen, to give you a suitable example. 

The key to making the right choice lies in discerning what type of room-darkening you wish for the space and how far you can stretch your budget. For optimal room-darkening, rely on blackouts, and for medium level, go for dimout fabrics. If you don’t find a fitting choice for your home decor within our blackout/dimout collection, select any drapery fabric that’s right for you and opt for blackout lining. 

WATCH THE PALETTE: The old saying that light conquers darkness is carved in stone. Blackout curtains try hard to prove otherwise and succeed to a great extent. But note that colour of the drapery has a role to play besides the material. Since lighter colours are reflective and darker colours are absorbent, expect your blackout drapery to perform slightly lesser or more based on their colour. 
With light-coloured blackout fabrics, expect a mild glow on your drapes. If you want it pitch dark, go for dark moody colours for the drapery fabric or add a blackout lining to enhance its room-darkening capacity.
Follow the same logic when you design a blackout curtain with non-blackout drapery fabric. The blackout lining is effective in itself, but it can deliver its best performance only when lined behind a dark drapery fabric. 

MOUNT HARDWARE CORRECTLY: Have you seen how a bright halo often surrounds curtains when they are fully drawn to cover the window? This burst of light at the seams of the drapery - though not 100% avoidable at all times - should ideally be minimised. To achieve this, extend the drapery pole by about 15-30 centimetres on both sides of the window. Also, mount it far above the window trim - 15  centimetres or more. This way, you ensure that the blackout curtains overlap the window sufficiently to block light leaks from around the drapes.

BE WISE WITH LENGTH: Floor-length drapes provide better coverage than short curtains, so they are the better choice for maximum light control. Avoid ‘floating’ your drapes above the floor as light slipping in from underneath the drapes can be annoying. Let the curtains ‘graze’ (barely touch) the floor or ‘break-puddle’ by extending 2 centimetres after touching the floor. This way, you can plug all the gaps at the bottom to avoid light leaks.

BUILD IN FULLNESS: Curtains beat the most effective light-blocking shades and blinds in room-darkening because they have something unique - the pleats that add volume and insulation. To make your blackout curtains more efficient, make sure you order them with ample fullness built into your panel width. 

    This is achieved by ideally designing the curtain panels with 2x fullness, that is, double the width of the window. So, to give you an example, if your drapery pole is 100 centimetres long and you’d like wave pleat curtains, either order one curtain panel of 200 cms or two of 100 cms each. This way, your room-darkening blackout curtains will have well-rounded robust pleats that bring double layers of the fabric all over the panel, adding both beauty and insulation. 

    For further guidance on measuring for your new curtains, do visit our Drapery Measurement Guide.

    CHOOSE HEADING STYLE THOUGHTFULLY: The heading style refers to the top header of your drapes that holds and shapes the pleats. While all heading styles are a unique mix of elegance and functionality, not all are equally efficient at blocking light. 

    Some heading styles like rod pockets and back tab tops offer full coverage leaving no gaps for light to break through. While others like tab tops, tie tops and grommet tops feature loops and holes through which light can peek in. 

    While the blackout fabric is effective in controlling light, it is also important to choose a heading style that supports the cause. Curb all possibilities for light leaks through the header of the drapery by selecting an appropriate heading style.

    Shop Blackout Curtains & Drapes with The White Window

    Whether it’s wholesome sleep or undisturbed movie time, you deserve your time away from the neon-lit cacophony of ever-awake metropolitans and busy streets. So, make use of the hand-holding tips described above and order the perfect blackout drapery that brings your goal to fruition. Darken the room, and do it with panache! Glance through The White Window’s treasure trove and shop for your favourite set of blackout drapes today!