Velvet Curtains & Window Drapes

Looking for drapery that’s more than just a window covering? A piece of indulgent luxury perhaps? Or a poem penned in plush yarn? Well, find your heart’s desire in our collection of made-to-measure velvet curtains and window drapes!

Disarmingly charming with its deep piles and luxurious sheen, velvet leaves many a client enchanted and yearning to feel the magic with their hands. If that’s the gravitational pull that’s brought you here, be assured of finding your favourite velvet drapery today. 

All the delicious hues - from warm creams to icy blues, rustic browns to regal purples, sunny yellows to moody greys - are up for your choosing. And whatever your taste - tranquil plains, delicate patterns or detail-heavy motifs, you will find the one after your heart at The White Window Curtains.

So welcome! Peek at our collection of velvet curtains and drapes as we pass on tips and tricks to dress them for your home. Style your new velvet drapes such that their plush naps, ritzy charm and delicate sheen come under the spotlight. Here’s how you go about it:

Dress 'Em in Decadent Pinch Pleats

Statement fabrics like velvet call for heading styles that are becoming of their grandeur. That is guaranteed by no other heading style than pinch pleats - loved for their highly tailored look, rich gather and cascading fall.

Besides, the hand-tailored nature of pinch pleats immediately says that it is bespoke, made-to-measure drapery that is flanking your windows and not an off-the-shelf set of curtains from a high-street supermarket. And that is a designer touch to your decor that simply cannot be replicated in any other way. 

Pinch pleats come in varied sub-styles that cater to the aesthetic language of different settings. Some are lavishly embellished, others slightly pared-back - all phenomenal beauties in their own way.

Tried-and-true, unapologetically extravagant and ornate - triple pinch pleat curtains and goblet pleat curtains are apt for formal traditional spaces. They are the epitome of maximalist aesthetic and classic elegance. 

Formal and decorative, but relatively pared-back, Euro pleat drapes and inverted pleat drapes are in sync with the subtle details of modern interiors. The architectural appeal of the pre-stitched pleats adds to the textural richness and sculptural elements of these crisp and clean design styles.

As you see already, the gamut of choices is wide enough to fulfil various aesthetic goals and appease varied decor styles. Each style comes with its own nuances and unique features. Do visit our detailed Headings Style Guide for a deeper dig, and a careful pick!

Go the Extravagant Way with Puddled Trails

If you’d like to go for an extremely lavish bold appeal for your velvet drapery, plan them with  puddled trails. This look is achieved by hanging extra-long drapes that extend 5 - 40 cm further after touching the floor to form rippled ‘puddles’ of fabric on the floor.  The excess fabric can be left to pile up organically for a relaxed look or arranged with neat folds for a tailored appeal. Either way, they make a bold visual statement that finishes the velvety treat on a classical note. 

Elaborate puddling not only looks decadently luxurious but also adds to the softness and glamour of velvet curtains. If your drapes are fulfilling a decorative role more than a functional one, this style of puddling is especially ideal. If, however, you anticipate frequent operation, avoid generous puddling as the drapery will snag on the floor; instead, go for a slight to medium puddle that also looks very tailored and attractive. 

End On a Grand Note with Trims

Nothing opulent is ever complete without curated finery. Velvet drapes look great in themselves, but adorning them with trimmings takes the decor to the next level. 

From trinkets as casual as pompom trims to ornately gilded tassels and fringe trims, you have options aplenty. Go for lavish jewel-toned trims for a decor that rings in sheen and glamour in old-world charisma. Or, keep it on a pared-back, sophisticated note with any of our ribbon trims that maintain the even finish of the drapery edges. 

No matter the type of curtain trimming you choose, these dainty additions will go a long way to add texture, colour and visual interest to your velvet drapery. And above all, they underscore the opulence factor as they are another unmistaken mark of made-to-measure drapery. No better way to top glamour than with more glamour!

Complement Your Velvet Curtains with Show-Worthy Hardware & Accessories

Opulent drapery needs competent partners in the hardware and add-ons to look cohesive and complete. 

Invest in statement hardware that lives up to the luxe charm of your velvet drapery. In addition, make sure that the hardware can take the heavy load that usually comes with velvet drapery stitched with sumptuous width and lining.

For a well-put-together look, pay attention to the palette and finish of the hardware. For example, if your velvet curtains have gilded trims, brass-toned hardware will likely be an instant match. 

And give due consideration to the length of the pole too. If you want to mount your hardware like a pro, order drapery poles that lavishly extend beyond the window trim. The goal is to provide enough room for your velvet curtains to stack beside the window and free it for access to light and air when you need a refreshment. 

Also make sure that the poles are finished off with beautiful finials, preferably, well-crafted pieces that add a decorative element to the space. When the curtains are in use, it is these accessories that stand out visibly, adding more refinement and detail to the decor.

Another opportunity for embellishment comes with tie-backs. Especially, if you have opted for plain drapes, this little accessory can make a world of difference. Take, for example, a grand-sized golden tasselled silken rope tie-back that adds a royal touch to the decor. Tie back the velvet drapes at mid-length point with the upper portion tapering with a swag to add a delicate textural beauty to the drapery.

While tie backs can add immense decorative value to your velvets, they are not meant for the adornment alone. Since velvet drapes are heavy and voluminous, these add-ons also help you keep them stacked neatly away from the window when not in use. 

Make the Most of the Insulative Properties of Velvet Drapes

Velvet drapes are lauded for their opulent appeal and rightly so. But contrary to popular perception that they are all about the glam, the point-blank claim should, in fact, be that they offer sterling performance with a one-of-its-kind luxe elegance.  They provide everything that curtains of any fabric provide but at a considerably amped up degree - be it aesthetics or function. 

While the aesthetic part is well-known, the functional aspects need special mention. Owing to the multi-layered construction and the dense naps of the fabric, velvet is more capable for room-darkening, sound absorption and thermal insulation than most other drapery fabrics. 

In bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms, you can benefit more from a well-insulated window dressing. Therefore, if you wish to make the most of the insulative properties of velvet, here are a few tips to be kept in mind while shopping for velvet curtains: 

ENSURE EFFICIENT FULLNESS:  Maximising the panel width enables the drapery to form dense and deep pleats, bringing layers of fabric to play across the window. Therefore, avoid skimping with the fabric width and order generous-sized panels. For tips on how to measure accurately for curtains, please visit our Curtain Sizing Guide.

GIVE OVERLAPPING COVERAGE: As suggested earlier, make sure that the curtains go over the window trims at all sides. The more generously you overlap, the better the results. Floor-to-ceiling drapery - extending a few inches on both window sides - often gives the best performance.

AVOID LIGHT LEAKS: Gaps in the drapery become entry points for light and air, and exit points for the room’s thermal energy. So order the drapes ensuring no scope for chinks. Besides selecting a light-blocking heading style and being generous with the length and width, use the drapery hook and eye method to close the gap between the curtain and the wall to avoid light leaks from the sides. 

ADD BLACKOUT LINING: Adding blackout lining behind your velvet drapery will significantly improve its insulative properties. The lining will only block unwelcome light, but also muffle external noise. Therefore, the drapes become doubly capable of darkening and quietening the room. In addition, the blackout lining provides an insulative packing that blocks the internal air from mingling with the external. Therefore, together with a blackout lining, velvet drapery becomes a terrific insulator.

Aside from curtain fabrics that are specifically designed for acoustic and light-blocking purposes, velvet drapes are some of the best-performing drapes at room-darkening, sound-absorption and insulation. And now you know how to double that goodness!

Shop Velvet Curtains & Drapes with The White Window

From being a bold style statement to offering top-notch functionality, velvet curtains and drapes will impress you on all counts. They are a timeless addition to your decor that will neither outgrow your interest nor be eroded by changing decor trends. On the contrary, they grow more winsome as they age with their plush naps donning polished impressions from handling and usage, enriching your home with unique character. Can any drapery work any harder to bring luxury and functionality  to your home all at once? We think not! 

If velvet has enticed you, as it has done many clients, start browsing our velvet drapery collection and look out for the enchanting piece that will most fittingly adorn your home!