Blue Curtains & Window Drapes

Curtains are trusted narrators of any home's colour story and decor style, and if  ‘blue’ is your story's protagonist, custom curtains in this ever-popular hue can lend a fantastic finishing touch to the space. From the serene azure of the clear summer sky to the dark blanket of midnight, blue comes in all shades, moods and personalities. No surprise, therefore, blue curtains are found enriching homes in many, many ways. 

Contrary to popular notions of blue as melancholy and masculine, blue is a highly versatile hue that can resonate with the opposite ideas of cheerfulness, daintiness and femininity too. Beyond man caves, baby boys’ nurseries and ensuite bathrooms, blue is capitalised heavily in decor by those who know the ropes. On that note, we bring you some inspiring ideas on decorating your home with blue curtains from our consultant home designers who’ve explored the potential of this colour throughout their years of practice:

Misty Morning Looks: Go for Serene Blues

Owing to blue’s presence in the sea and the sky, the lighter shades of blue recall the stillness of the mist-laden morning air or the seaside view at dawn.  Lighter shades of blue are incredibly effortless at creating a calming ambience.  To give you some examples from our collection, a plain light blue curtain like  Lustre Sky or a subtly patterned drapery like Glass Shower feature soothing shades of blue that rest the eye. Mount them in a room with gentle hues, quiet patterns, natural textures and soft furnishings - and create a truly serene retreat where you can spend your time winding down or calmly preparing for a long day.

Coastal Elegance: Decorating Around the Sea-Theme 

If you live on the coastline where every window opens to the vast blue yonder, taking up a palette that looks like a spillover of the vast gorgeousness comes about organically. For others, a seacoast might hold nostalgic memories of a summer holiday and carrying those cherished moments by the sea to your decor with a sea-themed decor can serve as a happy throwback. 

Recapture the visuals of lathered blue waves bursting onto the sandy shores with blue-white curtains on sandy beige walls. You can even go for a realistic representation with a blue-white ombre curtain like our Indivar Breeze

Or, capture the breeziness of the seashore with lightweight billowing curtains stitched with a slubby linen or sheer fabric like Cosmic Navy. Rig them up with white tassel trims and let them give away easygoing vibes with relaxed heading styles like tab tops or tie tops

Throw in some woven textures and rustic elements like seaweed baskets and driftwood showpieces to complete the picture. If not the entire house, this look is trend-right for a cosy ‘spathroom’, thematic sunroom or a dramatic living room.

Timeless and Classical: Hinge on Tried-and-True Palettes and Patterns

Blue is an ageless classic that has tied up with certain select hues since time immemorial. Whether you’re decorating a traditional home or looking to add personality to an eclectic space, trust time-honoured palettes and patterns that will outlive swiftly moving decor trends. 

Blue has been a steady partner to beige and white for centuries. And giving your home a touch of classical history might see a great beginning with your curtains embracing these celebrated combinations. Add to that mix, iconic patterns like damask, paisley and toile and you get a wholesome timeless decor.

Incorporating the elegance of the intrinsically designed blue-white ginger jars and the exquisite chinoiserie vases and dinnerware, damask-inspired curtains like Barn House and Wafting Wave combine rich blues and white. If you like sticking closer to a nature-inspired theme, consider a toile-patterned curtain like Sweet Saphyre. For a blue-beige combination, consider curtains like the striped Austria Sky and floral Hamilton and Aqua Flora. Depending on your decor style, opt for patterns like stripes and plaids or damask, florals and paisley to introduce blue with a classical flair through your curtains.

Palette as the Star: Make Blue the Statement of Your Decor Style

If you’re obsessed with the colour blue and would love it to be the sole element that draws attention in your spaces, there are tried-and-proven ways to accomplish the feat. First off, let your blue drapes depict a strong saturated shade of blue that makes a striking visual impact. Then, tone down the visual weightage of other colours in the scheme of a room. For example, a strong colour like red should be either avoided as it will vie for attention or a less saturated shade like washed-out crimson may be used instead that will complement blue rather than overthrow it. 

Then, bring blue to other pieces that occupy large visual real estate like a rug, a couch or a large accent chair. Layer the space further with smaller accessories like throws, pillows, vases, art installations and trinkets that offer various shades of blue to make the mix more variegated, collected and dramatic. And that’s how you make blue the sole element to grab anyone’s attention at first glance.

If you like, you may take inspiration from homes designed in the Coastal or  Nautical design styles that have blue as a strong aesthetic statement. Other styles that have a substantial presence of blue are the Hamptons, Island, Lakehouse, Grecian or Parisian decor styles.  Although aligning with any decor style is not necessary and largely falls in the realm of personal choice, taking cues from these tried-and-tested paths might help to get closer to your destination. 

Quiet Backdrop: Ground the Decor with Versatile Blues

Blue curtains don’t always have to be there to make a statement, they can also recede into the background and let other elements do all the talking. Remember the traditional colonial homes with light blue walls that so beautifully rounded off the dark wood furniture and floors? Instead of making your blue curtains all about being blue, you can use them as a neutral base to ground the decor. 

For this, look out for curtains with shades of blue that are closest to white or black. So, if you have dark statement furniture or a chandelier to highlight, select a light blue curtain like silk blend Cool Twilight or cotton Uplifting Spell. Or, if your decor largely constitutes light-coloured furniture and reflective metallic accents, consider a dark navy velvet drapery like Armada for a richly contrasting backdrop.

Wistful, Romantic, or Dramatic: Decorate with Moody Blue Curtains

While the lighter fragile versions of blue look dainty and calming, the darker tones can help to create a moody cavernous ambience. Some spaces look best when designed like a slice from the dusk skyline with its pensive blues melding into impenetrable blacks. 

Shades like peacock blue, navy blue, prussian blue and indigo forge a sense of mystery and rapture. Hone in on that enigma and create a starry spot for a romantic dinner with warm lights glimmering over a dark curtain like Monsoon Midnight or Placid Shade

Or, pick blue curtains that have greyish undertones and layer them with sharp-edged features and raw textures, and you have the perfect recipe for a comfortable man’s den or a solemn study-cum-office.

In a bedroom, dark blue curtains can make the space feel like a cosy cocoon. For this, let your curtains cover the window wall from ceiling to floor seamlessly, backed by a blackout lining to block all incoming light. Draw the curtains and you have a dark cosy cave where you’ll nod off before you know it. In a kid’s room, you can go all out for a neonlight spacecraft-theme decor to inspire the little mind to explore more about space.

In Closing

Whether you’re hoping to create a soft, gentle space or a wistful ambience, blue curtains can take you there. From the lively living room to the silent library, the dreamy bedroom to the business-mood office room, any space can be dressed right with the precise shade of blue drapes and well-considered accessories. So, are you ready for the venture? Explore The White Window collection of blue drapery to find the curtains that meet your vision. Dreamy silks and velvets, cosy cottons and linens, room-darkening blackouts and light-welcoming sheers - all await you. Happy shopping!