White Curtains & Cream Window Drapes

Serene, versatile and timeless, white and cream are colours that can blend with any palette, act as a calming agent and disappear out of view after making a big impact. That makes them universally loved super-neutral hues - the perennial favourites of homeowners and designers around the globe for wall and window treatments. If you are looking for window treatments that look classic, light and adaptable to your changing tastes and colour preferences, our white and cream curtains are the surefire way to go. 

Colour-driven or colourless, no matter the palette or decor style, cream/ white curtains know how to sync in and play a distinct role that none else can. They act as the tabula rasa on which the decor is grounded and enabled to stand out. While most colours get bracketed into certain decor styles and rooms, white/ cream curtains can don any decor language - maximalist or minimalist, masculine or feminine, demure or loud - the details will make all the difference while the colour remains relevant to one and all. 

So, cheers for the choice and if you’ve stumbled upon The White Window’s collection while shopping for cream or white curtains today, let’s assure you of finding the right one within our 2500+ strong collection of premium drapery fabrics. And before you shop, take a moment for a quick read as our in-house home stylists share some inspiring ideas with you  -

Maximising Light with Lightweight Cream & White Curtains

Unlike other colours that absorb light, white reflects light. If you want a bright room, white curtains help in two ways - they are, in themselves, a source of brightness, and in addition to that, they rebound the light that falls on them. Cream is the next best colour that reflects light, and its warm undertone tends to come across as white-tinged with the glow of sunlight.

 So, when you want to maximise incoming light in the room, plain white or cream curtains are the best choices. Couple that efficient palette with the light-filtering capacity of a lightweight fabric and you have all it takes from curtains to create a soothing sun-kissed oasis. Also, in small rooms with few light sources or very small windows, plain white, ivory or cream, transparent sheer curtains and semi-transparent drapes help to create a clutterless look and maximise the available incoming light. 

Pure linen curtains like Uster and Calm Floral are some examples from our collection. There is still room for pattern and texture to add interest as beautifully brought out in the floral drapery Crisp Linen that has an artfully done tone-on-tone floral embroidery.

White/ Cream Curtain Backdrop to Highlight a Statement Piece

Plain white drapes or cream curtains offer the blank slate on which any decor accessory or furniture piece can stand out and shine. For instance, if you have an exotic bronze sculpture or a multi-tiered black chandelier that is the showstopper of the room, putting white curtains or cream drapery as the backdrop immediately brings it under the spotlight. 

A quiet and continuous flow of light neutral colour in the background grounds the decor and garners attention towards the focal point. Floor-to-ceiling curtains are recommended for more impact and seamless flow. There’s no better way to make a navy blue crescent sofa feel like a diva than adding full-scaled curtains like the white velvet drapery Winter Snow or the cream silk curtain Worn Whiff as its lustrous ethereal backdrop.

Balance a Busy Multi-Coloured Scheme with Cream & White Curtains

If your home decor is a vibrant potpourri of varied colours, or is busy with multiple patterns or crowded with many items of interest, cream/ white curtains can play the balancing act. With a graceful quietness, they recede into the background and counteract when far too much is going on in the room for the eye to grasp. Consider a laidback white curtain like Darwin Crystal that can offer a neat finish, linen-like texture and quiet beauty to contrast any loud features of the decor with admirable delicacy. 

If plain/textured curtains don’t sync with your vision, opt for patterned white/cream curtains that stick to the neutral colour scheme of grey, beige, brown or black. A white curtain like Chill Buff, for example, has brownish floral vines, adding interest with quietness. Or, bring in just a hint of colour as in our checkered white curtain Castle Combe that features a check of demure beige and brown. Its pattern and colours are impressive but not overbearing - just the right mix of quiet and charm that a busy room needs.

Add Depth and Dimension to a White Room with White/ Cream Curtains

If your love for white has taken you so far as to furnish your house with white walls, fixtures and furniture, you may wonder how you can go for white/cream curtains without risking monotony. But, in fact, you can. Here are some ways you can do it.

In a small room, sticking to the same shade of white as the walls helps to create continuity and optically elongate the space. But, if the space is generous, opt for a white that is cooler than the wall colour - with blue, green or black undertones. Or, take the route of a warm cream that hides hints of red, orange or yellow. That subtle contrast will help your curtains stand apart without seeming too divergent from the central theme.

Another aspect to take care of is regarding embracing textures. If your curtains are made of a flat-weave finish, they can make the space look dull. Instead, if they don the slubby textures and wrinkled creases of linen, or the plush piles and delicate sheen of velvet, for example, it will serve to bring warmth and depth into the space. You can also opt for drapery fabrics with self-patterned weave, raised contours, embossed patterns or embroidered accents as they offer substance for visual interest through their coarse finish and subtle designs. Let the linen-blend Ski Adventure curtains’ white-on-white vine-motif embroidery inspire you.

Introduce Colour and Texture to White & Cream Drapes with Curtain Trims

White and cream curtains can embrace colour and variety while still maintaining their simple elegance with attractive trimmings on the lead edges. From carefully hand-braided tassel trims and fringe trims to soft and whimsical pompom trims, you have a world of choice in our collection. 

These delicate add-ons can bring a pop of colour, a scintilla of lustre or texture that can make all the difference when it comes to making your white curtains look right for your decor style and the mood of the room. For example, if your decor hinges on a black and white theme, you can add black grosgrain ribbon trims to your white curtains and that will be an incredible way to relay your palette in a wholesome way. Similarly, a rustic trim like Venetia, for example, can offer the handspun charm that defines an eclectic bohemian home. 

So, with the help of our curtain trimmings, your cream/ white curtains can be personalised for you and don a one-of-its-kind bespoke beauty crafted specifically for your home. 

Bring Contrast and Interest through Patterns

Patterns add allure and carry the potential to air your decor style. While embracing the surreal beauty and simple elegance of white or cream, the room for colour contrast, subtle details or even bold patterns is not lost.  A pure cotton drapery like Kalama can serve as an apt example with its prominent green and blue accents robbing nothing of the ethereal quality of the white base. It’s the perfect drapery for a breezy coastal home. 

There’s no dearth of choice when it comes to patterned curtains in our catalogue - there’s one for every type of preference, palette, decor and setting. Calluna Blossom’s plaids are just right for use as laidback country kitchen curtains, the blue embroidered florals of Sugar Snow’s are apt for a transitional-style living room, Lush Sisal is the epitome of classical elegance with its golden damask prints and Jungle Book’s cutesy caricature prints are just what a kid would be fascinated to find in his/her room.

Block Light with White/ Cream Blackout Curtains

Thanks to the advancement of textile science, we are in an age when ‘white’ and ‘blackout’ can be spelt together. Blackout curtains like Ether and Winter Fog from our collection testify to this glad progress. Yes, indeed, you can block light and darken the room with white/cream curtains, if they are made of blackout fabrics

Blackout fabrics have a thick-woven base overtreated with several coatings that make them highly insulative. This helps them to block light, heat and noise, making them the top picks for bedrooms and nurseries. They help to create a sleep-friendly ambience and to retain thermal energy in the room which can cause up to 30% savings in energy consumption for heating the house in winter.

Shop White Curtains & Cream Drapes from The White Window

Peaceful, sophisticated and versatile enough to tread the spectrum between rusticity and modernity -  cream curtains and white drapes offer tremendous scope for your creative temper to take over as you dress your home. Whether you’re looking for a crowd-puller or a quiet backdrop for a showstopper to perform its act, white curtains/ cream drapes will let you have the say, never once being too overbearing on the space. So, browse our collection and find the white and cream curtains that forward your vision. Nubby linens or resplendent silks, light-blocking blackouts or light-welcoming sheers - whatever the mandate - find yourself pampered with choices for your perfect white/ cream made-to-measure curtains at The White Window!