Red Curtains & Orange Window Drapes

No secret is so plain as the romance disguised in the petals of a red rose. No sight more uplifting than the ocherous seas embracing the fiery orange sun. Red and orange inspire energy, youthfulness and optimism. Always resourceful at claiming their fair share of attention, these perky colours are so prominent that a speck is enough to catch your eye. If you’re looking to jazz up your space with eye-catching window treatments, we’d tell you not to look any further than orange or red curtains. These warm colours can infuse your home with a strong dose of energy and vibrance and when done right, become the candid statements of your taste and style. 

But, while that zest and zing is perfect for some decor styles, moods and spaces, in certain others, it may look out of place or over the top. When decorating with orange curtains or red drapes, ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘how much’ are key points to consider. Hence, we have listed our top favourite settings that are apt for red curtains and orange drapes and the tips to be kept in mind when styling them. 

Our Seven Favourite Settings for Orange Drapes & Red Curtains

From the hearts of Valentine’s Day decor to the traditional military uniforms and traffic signals, red expresses the stirring of passionate feelings as much as caution, strength and energy. Orange, likewise, is synonymous with fire; pleasant on a cosy winter night and dangerous when outside of our reigns. These rather stimulating ideas associated with these colours make them look pleasant and joyful in one instance but can be a tad unrestful in another. For example, while these hues do a great job in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens which are always abuzz with activity, they are often not the first choice for bedrooms where soothing colours are needed to rest your mind. So, while a pop of red/orange is welcome anywhere, a lot of it warrants thoughtful consideration. In a room that incorporates these hues generously, it is better to provide curtains that offer contrast and quiet. But, when that is not the case, there’s great scope to elevate your space with orange drapes and red curtains as one would do in the following seven top settings -

Bold and Dramatic Interiors Defined with Red Curtains & Orange Drapes

When you want to make a strikingly bold visual statement with your decor, red drapes and orange curtains answer the call. They imply drama, adventure and dauntless rush. A shot of bright red or orange in considerable proportion is just what a space needs to exude such charged energy. 

The unapologetic scarlet red of our velvet curtain Rich Rouge or the fiery orange in our cotton drapery Tulip Field - that’s what we’re talking about - daring, bright and passionate. Imagine these saturated hues adorning the arched windows of a spacious cream-walled living room generously punctuated by dark wood textures, deep plush velvets and burnished gold accents on the furniture, upholstery, rugs and other accessories. That’s glamorama at its very best.

Some other bright shades to look for are coral red, apple red, vermillion, cadmium red, honey orange and apricot.  If you’d rather take a plunge into the darker side of the spectrum, think of rich syrupy hues like wine red, plum red and deep burgundy as in our velvet drapery Crimson Depth.

Since these colours are not shy or reluctant to put their entire energy out on display, consider bringing contrast to the wall treatments. So, pair a bright red with a dark-coloured wall that will let it stand out and counterbalance its energy. Similarly, consider a lighter-coloured wall for a deep red curtain for the complementing effect.

Zinged Up Kitchen and Dining Spaces with Red Curtains & Orange Drapes

From juicy oranges and cherries to the finest sous vide beef wellington, most of our favourite dishes, beverages and salads have a striking fiery element if not a generous splash of red/orange. Kitchens, breakfast nooks and dining areas are ideal spaces for red/orange curtains because these colours simply belong there.

Consider a white floral drapery with red accents like our Aurora Garden for a kitchen patio door. If you’d love to welcome light to your busy counters, a sheer curtain like Cheddar will be helpful and its bright orange florals will add a delicate charm too. In a modern kitchen, a chevron patterned drapery like Gadmen can aptly echo the sharp line finishes of the space.

Opulent Formal Rooms Royalised with Red Curtains & Orange Drapes

When you want to adorn your formal rooms with a regal flair, there’s no way rich tones of red can stand far away. It’s not about the colour as much as the idea of explicit luxury associated with it as in the iconic royal red capes of kings. 

Let your curtains don jewel tones of red and orange such as ruby red, burgundy and amaranth.  And enhance their richness with lustrous statement fabrics like silk, viscose and velvet. If you like to make a huge visual impact with patterns, look out for fabrics that bring grand-size motifs and classical themes that are timeless and compelling such as our damask drapery Glorious Scarlet.

Introduce rich gold accents through the patterned details of the drapery, gilded tassel trims on its edges or brushed gold drapery pole. Since both gold and red belong to the family of warm hues, they sync without second thoughts and instantly spell classical opulence as in our exquisite floral drapery Cherry Crush. But, if you’d rather go for a contrast or a modern edge for your decor, opt for silver metallic accents as in our Ditzy paisley curtains.

Kids’ Rooms Reeling in the Cheer of Red Curtains & Orange Drapes

Kids gravitate towards bright colours and no amount of persuading can win them over to give up a bright red/orange toy that has caught their attention. Colour psychologists attribute this fixation to the saturation of these colours that young eyes grasp easily and to the playfulness that resonates with their carefree personality. That’s why, if you’re in the middle of a kids’ room decor project, it’s a great idea to consider introducing orange and red to their room. 

Consider curtains with lighthearted themes and patterns that appeal to their age and gender. A drapery like Toucans, for example, with its little birds painted in reddish hues can be such a lovely whimsical addition to a nursery or a little girl’s bedroom. Or, if you have a pirate-themed room, consider a red-blue plaid drapery like Jam Earth that will live past the kid’s obsession with the theme right to adulthood.

If you’re looking for a way to bring cheerful colours to your kids’ room without going over the top, consider curtains like Copper Coin that balance the energy of orange with the neutrality of grey in its tropical foliage prints. Or, if you would rather offset the nursery’s generous hoarding of toys and doodahs with a plain orange drapery but for its tendency to overpower, consider an ombre print drapery like Alani Custard that has its whites slowly melding into a bright orange at the bottom.

Sauvé Masculine Spaces Dipped in the Charisma of Red Drapes & Orange Curtains

Although red or orange are not the first colours that come to mind when thinking of decorating a masculine space, designers often introduce these hues in bold accents for an element of warmth and surprise lest the room be overcome by the gloom of blacks, dark blues and greys. Traditionally, red has been associated with power, chivalry and masculinity. Still, it is no less a favourite in women’s tastes, except that the specific shades and the style of incorporation would vary.

In men’s dens and industrial decor, muted shades of red like brick red, terracotta, burgundy and maroon find their rightful place. Combine these earthy reds with a pop of bright colour, a generous helping of dark accents, and straight-edged patterns like stripes and plaids and you have the full recipe for a masculine-style decor. A plaid drapery like Morning Blend is one example from our collection.

Autumnal Ambiance Recreated by Red & Orange Curtains 

Autumn brings to mind, before anything else, the breathtaking kaleidoscopic spectacle of trees dressed in fiery hues and the earth wrapped in wilting flames. If you’re decorating your home for autumn or trying to create a vignette in a cosy spot that throws back to that magical time,  go for curtains in muted reds and burnt orange. Look out for fabrics with shades such as rust red, burnt orange, terracotta, amber, maroon, pumpkin orange, cinnamon red, brick red and burnt umber. Pair them with muted yellows, brown, beige and black to recall the flair and moods of the Fall. 

Consider a drapery fabric like the kilim-inspired Carmine Party that has the entire gamut of autumnal hues painted in bold chevrons. If you like to keep it less busy, go for a plain curtain like our terracotta red cotton-blend drapery Gold Fish that you can then layer with the earthy hues of autumn in other decor accessories. Throw in a generous amount of autumn paraphernalia - pumpkins, acorns and dried flower wreaths and enjoy the space over your favourite warm cocktail and caramelised apples.

Festive Times and Holiday Homes Wrapped in Orange & Red Curtains

No festivity comes full circle without a beaucoup share of gutsy and flavoursome red in all its variations. So, if you’re looking to spice up your home for that wonderful time of year when Christmas parties and family get-togethers never seem to end and for good, red/orange curtains should ideally be on the top of your mind. When the whole town gets painted in red and white, dressed in tinsel decor, why not let your home join the chorus with red/orange curtains?

For a curtain that’s wholeheartedly committed to the Christmas palette, consider a drapery like the plaid Waveland that has but streaks of greenish blue and orange on a heartwarming red. If you’re furnishing a holiday home that you’ll only grace perhaps at Christmas time, deck it up with Salenstein’s gingham or Clementine’s buffalo plaid. Hang your ribbons, bows and wreaths, stockings and mantle decor with string lights-ridden Christmas trees and your red curtains will chime in perfect rhyme and metre.

Our Tricks to Underplay the Intensity of Red & Orange Drapery

Invigorating colours like red and orange are desirable in decor, but they can overthrow the decor with their aura. That explains why many shy away from using these colours, but, what they inadvertently trade off is the bubbling gust of delight and energy that no other colour can bestow as much. If you don’t intend on missing out, we’re not surprised because that day has not come yet when a woman refuses a ruby ring, a man his red tie or a child his/her red heart balloon. The key, then, lies in proportionality - it’s simply about knowing where to draw the line. Here are some ways to do that - 

EMPLOY RED DRAPES/ ORANGE CURTAINS AS ACCENT PIECES: Instead of repeating the colour of the curtain throughout the room, let it manifest in one or two more items and that’s it. For example, bring red into a grey room with a plain curtain and a winged back armchair in an apple red. The two colours will play off of each other - one adding vibrance, another bringing quiet. Since red is only present in two items, it will not be overbearing but it will have made the desired impact nevertheless. 

OPT FOR PATTERNS AND COARSE TEXTURES: A patterned fabric that brings another colour to the picture, preferably a light neutral hue like white or cream, balances out the energy of red/orange. Trellis-theme curtain Azalea Garden is an example with its mix of orange and white that is a perfect balance of the bold and the soft. Similarly, a non-lustrous fabric such as slubby linen makes the bright hue look relatively less harsh on the eye than the polished finish of silk, for example. The linen curtain Spanish is a specimen of this texture-colour relationship as its coarse textures substantially tone down the enthusiasm of its yam orange.

GO FOR LOOSE-WEAVE FABRIC COMPOSITION: Fabrics that let light pass through weaken the colours they portray. For example, a plain orange sheer curtain will not look as overpowering as a plain velvet drapery of the same colour. So, wherever it is possible, go for transparent or semi-transparent curtains to reduce the impact of the striking palette. Carolina Berry and Beauty Parlour are some examples from our collection.

Shop Red Curtains & Orange Curtains from The White Window

Whether you want a ton of it or just a touch, red and orange make their presence felt and generously bestow the space with their vibrance, making the whole space come alive and beam with energy.  We hope that the ideas shared here have broadened your imagination of how to incorporate orange drapes/ red curtains into your home. Whether you’re foraging for the plush piled elegance of velvet or the casual sophistication of linen, be assured that you’ll find a red/orange of your liking in The White Window’s 2500+ strong collection of premium drapery fabrics. Welcome colour with open arms and enliven your home with the red/orange curtains of your choice!