Green Curtains & Window Drapes

Symbolic of growth and nature’s elegance, green is often described as the most restful colour for the eye. From painting entire walls with green to making indoor jungles, home decor has indulged in this auspicious hue for centuries. Whether you want to bring green to your decor in small doses or as a more prominent statement, green curtains are a great place to begin the venture. 

Since this verdant hue recalls relaxing moments spent with nature, chances are that you’ll never tire of seeing it, making green drapes a remarkable and timeless addition to your home. Green is a powerhouse of coolness and summery vibes that make it a member of the ‘cool’ gang of white, blue, grey and purple. But at the heart of that coolness is a discreet hint of a flame which makes it ‘warm up’ to colours like orange, red and yellow too. This versatility puts designers in a comfortable zone where they can flex their creative muscles without having to wonder about how to make it work for the home’s current setting. 

So, if green curtains are on your cards, rest assured that you’ll not face a dearth of ideas on how to decorate your home with them. However, we hope to inspire you more with some excellent ideas shared by our drapery experts who’ve been hands-deep in rigging up homes for decades now. Let’s dive in - 

Green Curtains as a Pointer to Nature: Make an Outdoorsy Visual Treat

As much as we love the cosy spots in our homes, we might all agree that nothing truly relaxes the mind as spending time with nature. That’s the driving force behind opting for floral wallpapers, floor-to-ceiling picture windows and lush indoor jungles. Incorporating green curtains into the decor helps satiate this very appetite for bringing the outdoors into the indoors. If you wish to create an outdoorsy vibe inside your home, green drapes can rightfully be one of your top considerations.

To begin, stick to a nature-inspired palette. Think of earthy greens like olive, eucalyptus, avocado, moss, garden sage and so on that remind you of the evergreen forests, delicious fruits or savoury herbs.  Pair it with earthy brown and beige stolen from the soil and the trees, cool greys and blues picked from the skies, and pops of blazing yellows and oranges imitating the fresh blooms. Let floral curtains like Aqua Electra inspire you with their blossoming posies and effervescent greens.

Amp up on the theme and create a harmonious flow of thought through floral and botanical patterns in other fabric accessories, wallpapers and art installations. And, add live plants that bring in the aspect of the living energy or faux plants that look realistic.  If you feel like you’re travelling through the woods, or if not that far-fetched, like you’re meandering through a lush garden, you’ve accomplished the feat.

Green Curtains as Mood-Setters: Create a Glam Cosy Den

Although green generally stands out to our minds as a colour full of life, green can assume more moody shades and create a sombre atmosphere. And unlike some dark colours like grey and black, green preserves its cheerful spirit even in its darkest versions. So, if you want to create a subdued cavernous ambience without risking it going gloomy, trust dark greens without batting an eyelid. Merge it with deeply textured fabrics on which the dark saturated colours can speak a more emphatic statement, as can be elicited well with the dark emerald green velvet drapery Blissful Nori from our collection. 

Consider deep shades like forest green, hunter green, smoky green, khaki, dark grey-green and Webster green. But not just your curtains, let that be the mood of the rugs, furniture and wall treatments too so that you can create a dark cosy ambience. 

This cavernous atmosphere is the perfect opportunity for bringing in the play of warm lights. Layer the space with multiple sources of warm light with a combination of a statement chandelier, strategically positioned wall sconces and table lamps that provide both ambient and task lighting. Ensure that they offer a contrast with lighter colours or metallic lustre and create a lovely soft ambience when lit in the late evenings. Ultimately, the room looks more like a rainy night in a forest whose ancient trees wear the silvery glint of the moon on its dense foliage - and that’s a job well done.

Green Curtains as a Decor Style Aspect: Rev Up Your Bohemian Escape

If you are in the process of making your home a boho haven, green curtains are an instantaneous fit. They make a perfect pair for the potted plants and climbing vines that your decor will have generously layered all over the space. Also, since green is versatile with any palette, green drapes make great teammates for the entire gamut of colours that your decor portrays. Consider a patterned drapery like Natural Can wherein green walks hand in hand with pink and yellow in an eclectic tribal print.

Since bohemian decor is a pattern and colour fest, bold botanical and floral print green curtains fall in the mandate organically. A grand-floral print curtain like Antique Bisque, a medley of nature-inspired themes and happy colours like peridot greens, pinks and purples, rightly airs the boho obsession with casual elegance and garden-like ambience.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a way to rest the eye in the middle of the erratic display of colours and patterns, plain green curtains are the perfect pick. They tie in with the leafy companions in the room and refrain from adding a new colour or motif to the mix.

Every type of green is welcome in a boho space. If your decor is already having many dark tones on the platter, go for mild green curtains to create a balance. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a green to team up with the bold jewel tones of your decor, look out for colours like emerald green, jadeite, green sapphire and malachite. And, opt for lustrous fabrics like silk, faux silk, velvet and viscose that will highlight the brilliance of these gemstone hues. Velvet curtain Emerald Accent and crosshatch patterned Broadcloth are some examples.

Add natural wood elements, shiny metallic accents and woven textures to the decor and engage in true boho chic galore. Show off your artistic taste in an exquisitely handcrafted wooden drapery pole or celebrate ageing and patina in a burnished bronze pole. Add the casual flair of a woven header tab top curtain or a decadent triple pinch pleat for the magic of homespun charm to take over the scene.

Green Curtains as the Harbinger of Joy: Recall Springtime Splendour

In spring, when our leafy friends take on a more vibrant avatar of deeply saturated shades generously sprinkled with the lemony hues of tender cotyledons, green takes on a refreshing version. Vibrant greens like lime green, chartreuse, mint green, fern green and the like express the mirthfulness and festive spirit that this season is coloured with. Consider curtains that bring these delicate greens to your home. Willow Pecan, from our collection, is one such plain drapery that blends the youthful cheer of lime green with the informal beauty of cotton.

Team these light hues with stronger deeper shades like emerald, jade and teal, for example, that makes it look more nature-inspired, organic and visually rich. Sprinkle bright flamy colours like red, yellow and orange and mesmerising hues like pink and lilac to mimic the flower show that nature sets out, leaving us in awe and wonder. Drapery stitched in fabrics like our striped Brick embodies this idea beautifully in its alternating stripes of bright pink and apple green. The goal will be best accomplished when the home smells and feels like springtime with fresh-cut flowers, pleasant fragrances and luscious fruits piled up on gorgeous platters.

Green Drapes as a Quiet Backdrop: Let Green Be the Neutral Base

Green is not only a colour with a vibrant persona that can elevate your space with positive energy but also a lovely neutral that can ground the decor. When it leans closest to white or black, it assumes a self-effacing mannerism with which it recedes into the space and lets others do all the talking.

Look out for curtains with light green shades like mint, celedon, lime and seafoam green that are closer to white. A fabric like Mint Essence or Persephone brings such light greens to the space that they almost recede into the background. Other elements like a dark-hued couch can stand out as a bold statement against the quiet muted green backdrop. On the contrary, if you have light-hued furniture that must stand out, go for a dark shade of green such as hunter green as in our resplendent silk drapery Aranyani.

Green Curtains as a Statement: Uphold ‘Go Green’ as the Core Message 

In the wake of the awareness about environmental harmony and sustainability, many homeowners today strive to adopt a decor language that backs this urgent cause. If you’re one of them, you can let your green drapes fit into the larger scheme of things. Here are some suggestions -

Ensure that your curtains are ‘green’ in both senses of its meaning. Look out for pure natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk. Our pure cotton curtains like Mossy Thorn and Jaisalmer are perfect examples from our collection.

Go beyond incorporating nature-inspired themes and strive to make a strong statement in favour of nature by interweaving elements of biophilic design. Make ways to experience nature in tangible and visceral ways within the house - through a living wall, live-edged wooden furniture, indoor softscaping, and raw-textured stone flooring - to name a few. Decor accessories like vintage landscape paintings, tropical foliage prints, statement art installations in green, nature photographs and woven landscape-themed tapestries are some of the ways of developing further on the theme. 

Make biodegradability and sustainability a criterion for choosing materials. Opt for purely nature-sourced materials like wood, metal, stone, ceramic, glass, and natural fabrics over synthetic alternatives. A hand-woven rattan basket or wooden chest, for example, gets a yes and a plastic storage box is a hard pass.  

Shop Green Curtains & Drapes from The White Window

From bringing a vibrant energy to the home to offering a quiet background or making a loud statement for the ‘green movement’, green curtains open a wide spectrum of design opportunities in home decor. Trust your creative instincts to guide you as you browse The White Window’s collection of designer drapery fabrics to find the green that’s just perfect for you. Everything from light-filtering sheers to light-blocking blackouts, resplendent silks to understated cottons, wait to be explored to further your creative vision for your home. So, get the ball rolling!