Pink Curtains & Purple Window Drapes

From fluffy cotton candies to Christmas parties’ redolent wines, pink and purple relate to indelible happy moments of our lives, and being surrounded by them in home decor can reignite those familiar feel-good vibes. Whether you want to make a room look chimerically soft, glamorously seductive or outright dramatic with pink curtains or purple drapes, the wide spectrum of choices between tranquil pastels and saturated jewel tones is promising on all counts. But picking the right shade and fabric that speaks to the nature of the space would be key. And all the help you need along the way to make the perfect choice is right here. Enjoy the ride!  

Pink and Purple Curtains For Every Room of Your Home

Since curtains take up considerable optical space in the design, being careful and intentional regarding their palette is crucial. Pink drapes and purple curtains offer a wide scope for creativity, but to gauge their full potential, we have to ‘unbox’ these colours first. 

Pink immediately reads ‘feminine’ and purple ‘glamorous’ to our minds. However, until the mid-20th century, pink was very much a masculine colour designated for boys as the softer version of the more power-symbolic red.  It was a colour of class and extravagance, seen proudly flaunted in the Renaissance portraits and luxurious wall treatments of Georgian homes. 

Similarly, purple was a sign of opulent glamour due to the rarity and consequent expensiveness of its dye. Its rich flavour is synonymous with exoticism and enchantment. Both, pink and purple, have come to be symbols of various revolutionary social movements, not because of their ‘daintiness’ but because of their historical association with power, glamour and opulence. 

When dressing your home with purple drapes or pink curtains, let these social constructs inspire you but not limit your imagination so you can see these colours for what they are. Pink can be a calming colour that reminds one of rosy dawns and the rush of passion on blushing faces  - hence it is associated with love, freshness and tenderness. Purple being a complex mix of blue and red that is rarely found in nature relates to magic, mystery and solemnity. 

When picking the palette for your purple drapes & pink curtains, you are greeted with a wide spectrum starting with delicate blush, lavender and lilac and ending at saturated hot pink and plum with some understated gems like mauve and dusty pink in between. Each of them has a unique personality that paints the room in a certain mood. Let us elicit how you can bring their elegance to various rooms of your home -

Add Personality to a Bold Living Room with Spicy Pink Curtains and Purple Drapes

If you want to curate your living room with a burst of colour, a hint of eccentricity and a whole lot of personality, the rich shades of pink and purple are promising. As deeply saturated colours make their presence felt, pink drapes and purple curtains lend you a default tool to create a focal point in your living room. 

Look out for concentrated shades of purple and pink that are bold, spirited and catchy. With rich damson shades and vibrant jewel tones adorning the curtains, upholstery and rugs, the place comes alive with pizzazz, drama and character. Add to that polished gold accents, statement centrepieces and character-imbued antique elements to make your living room a place where interesting conversations can keep guests engaged for hours on end. Layer the room generously with warm lights and an intimate lambent ambience for a beautiful night is ready.

Consider the amethyst-toned Arousing Score that has a lively purple shedding its mojo on the plush naps and shiny contours of luxe velvet drapery. If you’d rather go for non-lustrous fabrics, a drapery-weight cotton curtain like Sugarhop can be a fine addition with its bright rosy pink eager to allure and anchor the space on an optimistic note. 

Unwind with Calming Pastels in a Resort-like Guest Bedroom 

Master bedrooms and other common rooms of a home often do not lend themselves to indulge in pinks and purples on the feminine end of the colour spectrum.  It is no surprise,  therefore, that many of our clients look to the lesser-used guest bedrooms as an opportunity to break away from beiges and make a statement with rose quartz and periwinkle hues. 

Quiet neutrals and delightful pastels are the ideal attire for a guest bedroom as they provide a conducive environment to rest the mind from the hullabaloo of the world. Light colours like baby pink, lilac, blush, pale thistle and other pastels look restive and cheerful. Being surrounded by such positive and joyful vibes, among other things, ensures an optimistic start and a tranquil ending for the day. Isn’t that just the feeling you want your guests to have?

Add to that the comfort of a blackout fabric that darkens the room, cuts off external noise and helps to maintain the room’s temperature considerably unaffected by the heat or cold of the prevailing weather, and they have the perfect spot to snuggle in for a deep undisturbed sleep. A blackout drapery like the marble print Celebrity has a soothing concoction of pleasant pinks and whites that look ever so dreamy and lulling. Or, select any soft pink/purple of your choice and back it with a blackout lining to enjoy the same benefits as a blackout drapery fabric. Just don’t complain that your guests are never leaving!

Let Delicious Pink Curtains and Purple Drapes Adorn a Flavour-Packed Kitchen

From juicy dragonfruits to fleshy plums, we’ve tasted pinks and purples and found them to be full of flavour and refreshment. The obsession with strawberry ice cream, blueberry cakes and pink candies is not just about an attractive colour; it’s also about a scrumptious taste that is hard to come by with delicacies of other natural colours. So, why not dress your kitchen windows with these delicious yummies so that you get more inspiration for your culinary experiments and daily dinners?

A floral curtain like Wild Dash that almost feels like a tempting dessert with its blossoming pinks is just right for a pop of colour in a white kitchen. Or, consider a more countrified motif such as a buffalo plaid as in our violet Parasol that makes for a very rustic kitchen curtain, oozing a casual chic charm.

Crown a Little Princess’ Nursery with Tender Roses and Lilacs 

Little princesses’ nurseries have always looked a la mode in pink. While the last decade saw a departure from this popular choice, designers long predicted its comeback. And nothing makes a comeback quite as strong as a 90s trend, as proven by the resurgence of this millennial shade. So, if you’re an excited mum who believes in ‘think pink and sprinkle purple’ dreamy decor for your baby's nursery, our drapery collection will leave you with no dearth of options. 

Look out for soft pastel pink curtains that echo the glow of their chubby cheeks and pearly ears on a chill morning. Also, consider lilac and lavender which make a great pair with every shade of white and pink. These hues are soft on the eyes and help the baby catch a nap easily without the distraction of loud colours in the backdrop.

A drapery like Candy House with its dainty pinks punctuated by caricature prints speaks to the tenderness and curiosity of your little lady. If you’d rather shy away from such age-specific patterns for a timeless window treatment, consider a misty ombre print drapery like Ballet Taffy that will most probably be her favourite decor accessory well into her teens. Or, go for a tactile velvet beauty such as a soft pink Angelica Petals or lilac Outdoor Breeze.

Embrace Pink/Purple with Panache in a She-Boss Home Office 

Unlike other rooms of the home where you might have to embrace a neutral palette that the whole family can feel comfortable with, in your home office, ‘you’ are the ‘boss’. Your office, your rules! So if you wear your femininity on your sleeve and would like your home office decor to reflect that, our pink curtains and purple drapes will see you there!

The idea is to pick the shade that speaks to your taste - that makes your eyes smile before your lips can spell it. If it’s a ravishing hot pink that gets your heart bubbling, awning striped Periwinkle curtains could be the one. If you’ve been a globe-trotter, perhaps, an out-of-the-box saturated purple curtain like Softly Lit could best capture the eclectic edge of your transnational taste. When embracing such sparkling shades, it is important to complement their daring vibrance with neutral backdrops. It helps to absorb more of the hue and to keep it from dominating the space. 

If your tastes are more mellow like the blushing sunset’s foggy pinks,  Azalea Rose’s roseate fluff clouds might impress you. If you want your office to look a bit laidback, a linen-like soft pink curtain like Full Blossoms or a chic pink drapery like Seashell Water with its subtle leaf motifs will look perfect.

As the world turns to embrace the ‘feminine’ in interiors, use it as your perfect excuse to go la vie en rose and reinterpret your office design aesthetic. Let your office (and home) be pretty in pink, or bold and royal with swaths of imperial purple. After all, there’s no limit to being unapologetically you, especially in your own office! 

In Closing

After its peak phase in the 80s, purple is seeing a resurgence again and pink remains a timeless choice that is crossing over the barriers of femininity. These colours are embraced for what they are and their peculiar versatility - that they can be bold and soft, glamourous and wistful - at the same time. Whether you have a room saturated with colour or a serene space defined by neutral hues, pink and purple can join the team and be as quiet or as loud as you want them to be. So, pick the pink drapes and purple curtains that best resonate with your personality and the mood of the space. Be it an understated heather tone or a bold hot pink, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. So, get ready to be spoilt! Welcome to The White Window!